Monday, February 19, 2018


It's Monday!

Whew Whew!

In full disclosure, I spent most of my Monday in bed. I've had a touch of something. Not quite sure what that "something" can't really tell nowadays.

We had intended to go to Indianapolis for some pastor training, but I knew that I wasn't up to that. Josiah also didn't have any of his Monday classes, being as it is President's Day.

Right now I'm perched on the cozy corner of my comfy couch. There is a Hallmark movie on, but my brain isn't fully engaged.

Sometimes I just have to be in the right mood for sugary sweet drama and romance. I'm thinking about heading off into the bedroom and find some sort of documentary about the Black Death or French Revolution.

'Cause I am weird like that.

I'm also a little melancholy. I had a diagnosis (or two) this past week that wasn't any fun. I'll go into more of all that at a later date. I can tell you I found out I have something called Chronic Venus Reflux. It has to do with the arteries and veins in my legs.

There was another "good" piece of news (I am totally being sarcastic), but I'm not going to go borrow trouble right now.

I did have a very special Valentine's Day week. I'll post more about that a bit later. Right now I believe a documentary is calling my name.

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