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Wulf the Saxon (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

Yaass! Our very first Homeschool Review Crew post of the year. This is year 6 or 7 for us with The Crew and every year, we are introduced to the best products. And we’re starting out 2018 with a doozy!

 If you have followed the blog for any length of time you know might know that one of our VERY FAVORITE vendors are the kind folks at Heirloom Audio Productions.  Their latest and greatest production for our reviewing pleasure is Wulf the Saxon.

I received a 2 audio drama CD set with 2.5 hours of listening. The product is intended for ages 6 and up. 

But first….a little about Heirloom Audio and The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty.

Heirloom Audio simply tell stories. And oooohhh the stories they tell. Their stories of filled with historical adventure, heroes of the Faith, excellent musical scores and top-notched performers.

G.A. Henty is a British author and war correspondent who wrote these marvelous adventure novels in the late 1800’s. Heirloom Audio has used Mr. Henty’s stories to transport us to a Civil War battlefield, Ancient Egypt, the Scottish Highlands and the American West.

Most importantly, these productions bring Christian values like courage, honor, honesty and loyalty to life.

Wulf the Saxon is set in medieval England around 1060. If you have studied history of this time period, you probably have read about William the Conqueror and the Norman Invasion.

At the beginning of our story, King Edward is ruling Britain. Wulf is 16-years-old (Josiah’s age!) and is a Saxon page working for the King’s brother, Harold. Wulf is a bit headstrong and gets into some trouble early on. He eventually redeems himself as Harold’s (later King Harold) loyal servant. 

The villain of the story is the wily Duke William of Normandy who, at the Battle of Hastings, gains the crown of England. Some of our favorite characters don’t make it past this battle, but the story isn’t over for Wulf (or Britain) and he eventually marries his one true love. 

I personally love the extra historical details that weave their way throughout the story. The adventure meter is high in this story. There are shipwrecks! There are battles! There are spooky, dank dungeons! 

Of course, some of my favorite voices made an appearance yet again in this production. Brian Blessed, who plays the narrator, Mr. Henty himself, is fantabulous! I’m also a Call the Midwife fanatic and loved hearing Helen George.

The battles are fierce and the sound effects are truly awesome.  Josiah and I both commented about how much we love to hear those familiar beginning notes of each Heirloom Audio adventure. We get Doo-Dads!

This is definitely one of our favorites! You, of course, don't have to be a homeschool family to enjoy these terrific productions. History buffs, adventure seekers and Brian Blessed fans everywhere will love them! 

I am also a member of the Live the Adventure Club. This special club is filled with awesome resources that can help you and your kiddos enjoy history that much more! There are study guides, articles, recipes and much more. You can check it out for a free 30 day trail.

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Don’t forget to connect with Heirloom Audio via the following social media outlets AND click on the banner below to read more reviews.

Wulf the Saxon {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}

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