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WriteBonnieRose (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

If you are gathering up materials to add to your elementary science courses, I have just the resource for you. Recently, I had the chance to review the Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Print) from WriteBonnieRose. It has soooo many goodies in it! 

I need to first make a little disclaimer. Bonnie Rose Hudson (the writer and publisher) has been my editor for the past year on a ginormous project. She has been more than patient with me. Let me tell ya. And she is precious. It makes a BIG difference when you have an editor who actually knows what it takes to write the stuff. And she has written a whole lot of stuff. I was thrilled when I saw her products come up on the Crew's list of resources to review. So thrilled that I begged to be on the review!

Learning about Science Collection Level 3 is a seven book study that explores elementary life science, earth science, and physical science. Level 3 contains a print or cursive version. I received the print version for my review. All studies come as PDF downloads. 

The books are as follows. I've given you a brief "Beke's Cliff Notes" Synopsis. Which isn't that good. You will need to go to Bonnie's main page for this one. She does a much better job. 

Kinds of Animals and How They Live: 18 pages. Introduces 9 different types of animals and 32 specific animals (life science)

What's Going on Inside Plants?: 16 pages. Learn the process of photosynthesis and transpiration. (life science)

Life in the Ocean's Hidden Zones: 21 pages. Discover hidden zones of the oceans, including the animals. (life science)

Forecasting and Understanding the Weather: 18 pages.  Discover the elements of weather. How to measure the weather and what the weather is. 

Discovering Rocks, Minerals, & Crystals: 18 pages. Learn what makes up rocks and minerals. 

Exploring the Earth's Landforms: 18 pages. Look at 32 of the earth's landforms (earth science)

Energy and Its Many Forms: 26 pages. Explore the five main types of energy. (physical science)

When Josiah was elementary age, we did a lot of unit studies AND we went down a lot of rabbit trails. He has always been a curious kid and I was willing to explore with him whatever he found interesting and worth exploring. However, it was hard to for me to find resources like this one. I didn't want or need the whole textbook. I wanted bite-sized pieces...references points that we could go back to time and time again. 

Let me show you what Bonnie's books look like. 

I printed off a couple of them in their entirety. Josiah has always been my little weatherman. In fact, I think if he would have Forecasting and Understanding the Weather when he was of an age he would have been in hog heaven. 

This page is located somewhere close to the front. Your "colorers" will be thrilled. 

There are brief little reading passages that identify certain terms accompanied by a picture. 

I found the passages to be written in a way that a kiddo could easily understand and comprehend. 

At the back of this particular book are questions to answer. 

I haven't attacked this particular page with a colored pencil. It is from the Exploring the Earth's Landforms book.  I think one of the beauties of using Downloadable E-book is that you can use it for multiple students. I also believe that Bonnie also allows Co-ops to use her materials as long as the number in the group isn't too large. 

So obviously, I'm a fan. I think this collection is perfect to use with any and all Elementary science study. You can use it alongside a textbook or as you wander up and down rabbit trails. I personally think it would even be great to print out and put in a binder as a science reference book. Now that would be fun! It really is like a little interactive encyclopedia!

You can see the possibilities here! Bonnie has done such a lovely job. You must, must, must check out her website. She has so many wonderful things for homeschoolers. And the FREEBIES!!! We homeschoolers appreciate the FREEBIES!

Right now she has a special offer just for you!!!! Through August 15, 2018, you can save 50% on the bundled Learning About Science, Levels 1, 2, and 3 with coupon code REVIEWCREW50. This basically means you can get each set of ebooks for $6 per set.

That is such a great deal!!! And worthy of all the exclamation points I can muster!!!!

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