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Brinkman Adventures Season 6 (A Homeschool Review Crew)

I might have mentioned this a time or two, but I was born on the mission field. My parents were missionaries at the time of my birth in Managua, Nicaragua. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for those who have given up the comforts of home and family to explore the world and tell others about Jesus.  And I'm always excited to hear their stories. Some of our favorite reviews have been with Brinkman Adventures. This time around we got to review Season 6: Underground Rising (digital edition).

Brinkman Adventures come from real life stories. Some of the names and particulars have been changed to protect those involved. They are audio dramas...filled with intrigue, adventure and much, more! They are not only inspiring to listen to, but they are also fun!

Season 6: Underground Rising includes:

Dutch Underground Part 1
Dutch Underground Part 2
Twice Born Fly
I Wonder Why?
Free Burma Rangers Part 1
Free Burma Rangers Part 2

They come to about 2 hours of listening in all. Having a digital download allowed me to download to multiple devices. We primarily listened to the adventures in the morning while we sat around the table. They were a terrific way to start out our day.

All of the stories were just terrific. They took us from the Netherlands to Burma. We met resistance volunteers in the Dutch Underground during World War II. We traveled with a young girl as she joined her missionary parents in a foreign country. We also got to meet a Green Beret and hear of his adventures from boyhood to working with and aiding the people of Burma.

While I can't possibly recap all of the great stories, I can tell you that the history of the Dutch Underground kept us spellbound. We are great fans of The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Dutch Underground was a wonderful retelling of real events. I don't think that those of us living in a free society understand the danger these brave souls put themselves in. Would I be as self-sacrificing? These still were questions some of the characters had to ask.

They do recommend for kids under 10 to listen to this particular story with their parents. You have to know that this particular part of history wasn't sunshine and roses. There are some intense parts. I didn't feel like they were particularly violent or distressing.

One of the treasures and special parts of Brinkman Adventures is that they always include information about the real-life stories on their website. I personally love looking at all the pictures and reading a bit more or "the rest of the story." I can't recommend spending time poking around the site enough.

Just one other note of appreciation. I won't give away the story in Twice Born Fly, but the Brinkmans are enjoying a "day of rest." We have been talking a lot about this particular idea lately. As pastors, sometimes we feel wrung out...I appreciated the further nudge from the Holy Spirit about a day of rest.

I haven't yet, but I plan on burning the digital files to a CD. We have a long trip planned around Thanksgiving and I know my husband will love these stories! In fact, I've been inspired to get out the other seasons of Brinkman Adventures we have in our possession.   If you would like to read my reviews out  Season 2Season 3 or Season 4 you can do so by clicking on the links.

We also received a coupon code to share with our readers for 10% off the site. Use the code FALL10. It is good from October 10-31.  I think any of their Seasons would be wonderful gifts.

Go check it out!

You can connect with Brinkman Adventures via the following social media outlets. Don't forget to click on the banner below to read more reviews.

Brinkman Adventures Season 6 Reviews
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