Saturday, November 11, 2023

I Made Something!

This has been a season of "Nope. Not going to happen today." 


I've had great plans. I was going to post a whole lot of fall-inspired content in October. Then October actually happened and I posted not a one. Not even a single Pumpkin Spiced anything. 

It truly has been my goal to nourish and cultivate some life back into my little blog. However, all that nourishing has had to be focused on different areas of my life.  

I've also needed some inspiration. I truly love to write and create. There is something so fulfilling about being creative. 

One creative task I've been leaning into has been creating KDP products for Amazon. KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing.  I've not advertised or done anything to promote what I've created. It is certainly a hobby and I'm finding my groove. 

For one of the latest projects, I've taken advantage of my Early Childhood teaching and education and have created a Christmas Activity book. It is sooo cute. 

There are a few projects that are in the works that will feature my Mom's artwork. AND in the next few weeks, I am going to be publishing our family cookbook. We have a version of it that is 20-plus years old that we hand-created ourselves. There are limited copies and it was time to take advantage of our current opportunities and make a new one. It is really coming along nicely. I had suggestions for what to include from all of the Cousins. Many of them learned to cook their favorites from our little cookbook. I'll be sure to share that and some of the other things I've been working on. 

So. This next week. Be prepared to be slammed, saturated, and greatly annoyed by the posts I am going to throw your way. It is time for Beke to get back in the game!

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