Monday, May 11, 2020

The Quarantine Splurge

I am not sure of the day.

Is it Thursday? Or was yesterday Thursday?

Not to worry.

I now know it's Monday and all is well.

How are you folks holding up?

We are well.

I am busier than I have ever thought I would be stuck at home.

I'm also going to be here just a little bit longer.

It's just the way of things.

Fortunately, I can entertain myself and can always find something to do.

Believe it or not, I've not watched hardly any TV. There isn't anything I'm binging on Hulu or Netflix.

Josiah and I were going to have a marathon of all The Lord of the Rings movies but then Netflix removed them from their site.


We have them on DVD. But to be honest it isn't quite the same as binging them on a streaming service.

Also, we just now found the remote to the DVD player. I think it had been in quarantine underneath Josiah's bed.

Scary. Place.

I have read all the crime thrillers I could squeeze into my online library reader. I can't even imagine the number of people who have been doing the same thing.

There was a book I just looked up to place on hold. It said I would have to wait 10 weeks before it was my turn to read it.

What? 10 weeks? How long is 10 weeks?

Will it still be 2020?

Is this Thursday?

Anyhoo. I looked it up on Amazon (kindle) and found out I would need to dish out 9.99.

I just couldn't. I can read books for free. That 9.99 could go towards a cute pair of summer sandals.

Speaking of summer sandals.

I might have purchased a pair or four online. In my defense, I never spend a whole lot of money on my shoes. Or anything for that matter.

But these shoes. I ordered them from an online boutique I stalk. They were marked down and I had a coupon code.

I realize purchasing shoes of any kind is risky online. But. These came in and I immediately tried them on.

They were marvelous. They kind of molded to my feet like some sort of fantastic hammock. But with a cute wedge. 

So I ordered just a pair (or two) more.

This from a girl who splurges on Old Navy flip flops and ballet flats from the Walmarts.

I feel kind of wild. And extravagant.

I also don't have anywhere to wear them.

But, boy....when I do. I'm going to be stylin'.

Stay safe. And buy yourself some cute sandals.

Friday, May 1, 2020


I'm editing videos for church today.

I did a parcel of them yesterday, too.

It's hard to imagine this, but I am our church's camerawoman, video editor, AND social media manager.

We've been using our cell phones, and a couple of inexpensive or free programs for editing and graphic making.

I've learned a little more than I knew before. But who would have thought my entrance into video reviews last year for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine would have provided such great experience for "such a time as this."

I've also been trying out False Eyelashes.

Yes, I have.

I've seen other people wear them. In my defense, my own eyelashes are practically non-existent and blonde. I figure I'm a grown woman.

I can do whatever I want (circa Beyonce 2014).

You should see me try and put them on. I would record myself but what lands on the interwebs...stays on the interwebs. They would be part of some frightening meme collection.

This morning, I had glue all over my eyelids. I had to pry my lids apart.

I shall continue in my efforts.

Other people are learning a second language, learning to weave, and bake a perfect loaf of bread.

I'm learning to apply falsies.

Stay safe my friends.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Rub a Dub Dub

Folks in my family take their baths very seriously.

At least, those who still partake in the bathing ritual.

There are a few sellouts who shower.

Which, I do, from time to time.

My favorite bathing location has to be the master bath at my parents' farm.

The bathtub there is some sort of glorious creation of blue and green glass tile and a massive whirlpool tub built into something resembling a miniature deck.

To reach the tub, one has to stand at the very edge of the room and make a running leap.

At least, those of us are more vertically challenged.

I'm sure my 4'11 Momma could easily perform a swan dive as part of her ceremonial bathing.

When I visited last summer, I could always be found at the end of a long, hot day resting and soaking in that tub.

Around the tub is an assortment of wonderous bathing and soaking products.

It's like a dreamy spa... but free and over the top.

The first night, my niece brought in these glorious bath bombs. They were all purple and gold and sparkly. The particular one I tossed in the bath floated and bobbed across the tub leaving in its wake a trail of happiness.

The next night, my mom showed me...wonders of wonders...a box filled with rose petals made from soap. These had been a gift from my sister. I was tempted to sneak them home in my bag, along with the rose-scented wipes my mom kept on her vanity.

To even further the experience, I would drag in a pedestal fan every night and point the thing right at me as I soaked in the tub reading some delicious murder mystery.

It was as close as I was going to get to a vacation near a body of water....let alone a beach.

My own bathtub at home is well-used, though modest.

It is an older tub...not one of those new fiberglass jobs that leave the user feeling as if she is bathing in a sink.

I have my own collection of bathing paraphanlia...not as impressive as my mother's...but I do my best.

There is the Dr. Teal's salts, the essential oils, the marvelous spa brush that exfoliates, and the usual assortment of scrubs, washes, lotions, etc.

I have to share my space with Old Spice body wash, and several bottles of men's shampoo.

One of these days, I am sure that Jesus is going to send me a real-life claw foot tub.

We had one when I was a teenager.

It was wonderful. We lived in an 1800's farmhouse that had let the town grow up around it over the years. This room didn't have a shower. The shower had been added later in a downstairs afterthought.

This bathtub was a work of art.  My mom bought one of those blow-up spa pillows so we could lean back and truly enjoy the soaking experience.

When I am in the tub, I can take some time to let my body relax. The water soothes my achy joints and calms my spirits.

There is something so comforting about those little rituals we have in our life. No matter how poor we've been...where we've lived...the time I have taken to unwind and care for myself has provided something constant and necessary.

There have been seasons that I was physically unable to get into a tub. Or even bath myself. So I don't take it for granted.

I think during this time of uncertainty it's been nice to continue the practice of soaking and thinking.

We don't like to talk about self-care. For most of us, it brings up thoughts of weekly pedicures, hair extensions, and massages.

I'm not going to fuss at you if you participate in any of those least those things you can do when the world isn't locked down.

But...if you are like me and tend to neglect yourself in the care of need to hear this.

It's okay to offer some tender loving yourself.

Your TLC might look differently. A quiet morning with a cup of coffee. A time spent in front of an easel with a little pallet of watercolors. Saving up for those cute, but comfy shoes that will get you through summer and belong. No duct taping the flip-flops this year!

I've been inspired to add to my "spa collection" when we are free to shop at TJ Maxx. I am going to look for some of those rose petals made from soap. And maybe another bath bomb that shoots out purple and gold sparkles.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Projects to do...

It's late Sunday evening.

I'm in the corner of my comfy couch dressed in my jammies.

I've not felt well today. I'm sure it's not the Rona. It's my annual tour of seasonal allergies. I love spring. Most of it. All the pretty blooming things make me cough. And sneeze.

I also had a fairly unproductive day. I was going to do a bit of house cleaning and laundry. I'm still feeling like a bit of an unrepentant sinner. I haven't been to a physical church service in a month. Does anyone else feel kind of naughty? It's probably the Preacher's Kid in me, too. We didn't miss church unless we were close to dead.

Being a Pastor's wife isn't a whole lot different. I also feel like I have to apologize profusely whenever I miss.

I will have a video out tomorrow. I filmed a little bit of a chat Friday. I was doing church videos so I thought, "why not?" In it, I talk about how I have been struggling with writer's block.

What is ironic is that the next morning I got up and whipped out a blog article for the Homeschooling with Heart (Old Schoolhouse) Blog. I'm not saying it's worth reading but I didn't struggle with it as much as I had anticipated.

This week I do have a list of things to do that are a priority. I still want to be writing. But these are things that need a bit of dedicated time and I am going to take advantage of our continued stay-at-home order.

Josiah and I are going to go through his clothes.

This is going to be scary. Pray for me. The boy doesn't throw anything away. He is emotionally attached to his holey socks. The last few times I have gone through his clothes and scrubbed down his room he was in Missouri at the farm.

Again. Pray for me.

I want to paint a door.

Actually, I would love it The Muffin painted the door. But I"m not going to push my luck. What I think I'll do is start painting the door and look pitiful. I can certainly paint the door myself. But there are other things on my list.

Like weeding out the flower beds and getting some stuff in the ground. I did not inherit my father's green thumb. I think my baby sister did. She also inherited my momma's art skills. I inherited poor eyesight and obsession.

I'm not bitter.

But back to that garden. I have a vision in my head for my front porch. We shall see if I can pull it off. If The Muffin paints that door for me, I might convince him to paint that wicker love seat a friend gave me.

Our front porch has potential. But we still have our Christmas flag flying outside, ya'll. I think it's time to update. I've got a Pinterest board dedicated to the subject of cozy porches. We'll see what I come up with.

Well. I think I've used the remainder of words for the day. I've got another murder mystery I'm reading. I can't stand going to be bed without knowing "who dun-it."

Do you have any projects waiting to be done?

Saturday, April 18, 2020


My morning began with a phone visit from my pulmonologist's office.

I could get to like these over the phone visits. I got to stay in my nightie. I didn't have to worry about traffic AND nobody asked me to get on a scale. 

The rest of my day was spent in a variety of ways. Some of them productive.

I did make a big ole list of goals. I was inspired to be more specific about said goals.

I am the kind of person who is highly adaptable. Makes me easy to live with and I generally don't fall into the depths of despair.

However, my adaptability also makes it easier to adapt to things that aren't so good for me.

I could elaborate a little more on Taco Bell and/or pie...but I won't.

So this morning, I jotted down a few things that I really, really....really needed to work on. Or wanted to work on.

My list isn't big. Honestly, I know better than that.

But there are a few dreams I have that aren't going to get done by themselves. I got to put a little pedal to the metal.

Today my list is simple.

Finish writing my contribution to the Homeschooling with Heart blog. You can read my article for April here.

Finish the post for our online church service.

Wash a load of clothes.

Make a coconut cake.

Finish that murder mystery.

Practice my crochet.

Tell The Muffin and The Boy that I love them.

Write something down that inspired me while I was in the shower (we all get our inspiration in different ways).

Are my goals too lofty for today? Probably not.

I am not out to cure cancer or rid the world of the Rona.

But I'm sure not going to waste my time whining.

At least, not today.

Be blessed, my friends.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Random (30 Day Blog Challenge)

It's Day 922 of my 30 Day Blog Post.

At this point all is anarchy.

Anarchy, I tell you! Why even bother sticking a scheduled writing plan when pandemics are on the loose?

You folks doing okay?

I feel like we are all living in some poorly written dystopian novel written for preteens.

Minus the zombies and the vampires.

Other than that mess, there are all sorts of cray cray happening.

Some of you have LOST YOUR MIND.

Don't try and tell me any differently. I see what you're posting on Facebook.

I, myself, have different ways of coping.

I may or may not have done some stress shopping at my favorite online boutique. I realize that I really don't have any place to wear some of this cute stuff. Though I did style a really cute pink and navy floral blouse the day before yesterday on my daily walk. I'm sure the neighbors were appreciative to see me in something more than my stretchy pants ensemble.

I may or may not have read too many murder mysteries. I refuse to read something perky. Makes me nauseous.

Yesterday, I participated in the use of Modge Podge. Yes, I did. I Modged Podged some paper mache eggs I had in my craft storage. THIS is exactly why I've hung on to all my craft supplies. I knew I would need all the things during a pandemic!

My most brilliant accomplishment has been to keep all these people feed. Josiah has been eating like he's an 18-year-old boy. Probably because he is an 18-year-old boy.

Sometimes you have to take the win where you can get it. Know what I mean?

I don't know what tomorrow is going to look like. Probably much like today...only with a different pair of stretchy pants. I would say that I am anticipating the day when everything goes back to normal, but then I might not appreciate what the present holds.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Day 963 (30 Day Blog Challenge)

It's Day 963 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge. I should have been finished a couple of weeks ago, but I got way off topic and way behind.

It happens.

And truthfully, I think I should be allowed a little grace. It is my blog. And it is the first time I've ever blogged during a pandemic.

I actually had a post about a thrift store haul scheduled.

Let's face it. I haven't been to a thrift store in a month.

I really, really miss the Goodwill, ya'll.


Currently, I am in the middle of printing something for Josiah to do for his schoolwork. I also made an impulse purchase of a creative writing notebook for him to go through. I plan on doing it with him. Though, frankly, my "to do" list is growing by the hour.

In about 33 minutes, I plan on walking out my backdoor and heading to the left...right around the block and back again.

I have no excuses. It is a bright sunshine day. The extra 524 pounds I have gained since moving to Indiana (you do realize I'm exaggerating) isn't coming off by wishing it away. I don't have any pressing appointments. Just a road, a busted up side-walk, and my tennis shoes.

I really struggled this weekend.

I'm sure many of you did, too.

I am generally an optimistic person. My optimism has kept me alive and kicking through many a dark day. But I also have to watch myself. Watch out that I don't sink into a gopher hole of too much news, and too many opinions.

It's hard to know. It's hard to understand. Unless you live under a rock or in a cave, this has affected you in some way.

More than myself...I worry about everyone else. Are my people taking care of themselves? Do they need someone to run and get something for them?

What is easy to do is to wrap myself up on the comfy couch and hunker down with a good book. But then my home suffers and I begin to smell like 2-week old hot dogs. It's all I can do to not eat my feelings. Last night I found a box of stale raisins.

What I should have had was a hot cup of tea and a good attitude.

Just being honest.

So I've made myself do all the things.

Wash the clothes. Mop the kitchen floor. Twice.  A pot of beans is in the crockpot and there is only a dirty coffee cup and spoon sitting in the sink.

Later on, after I've taken care of the people that live with me, I'll find time to dive into that murder mystery I have waiting for me beside the comfy couch.

I have plans this week to draw on my eyebrows and put on some lipgloss. It might even happen tomorrow.

Be safe, my friends.

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