Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chili Cheesy Hominy Casserole

WARNING: This is not the lightest dish I am going to present to you on the blog. We enjoy it only
occasionally. However, it's easy to make and perfect to take with you to a church dinner or family get together.

It's all about the hominy.

What is hominy? Hominy is made from whole corn kernels. The corn kernels are soaked in a lye or lime solution. This process helps soften the tougher outer hulls of the corn. The kernels are washed to remove all of the process solution and the hull.

Whew! Sounds like science.

Hominy is also used to make masa flour...which is the flour used to make those wonderful corn tortillas we all enjoy. I happen to love Grits. If you are a fan of southern style grits...those too are made from hominy.

If you are worried about the chemical process that is used to make hominy you might be interested to know that lutefisk is made the same way. The Swedes certainly haven't suffered.

The dish I am sharing with you today was one we enjoying growing up. Along with Posole, grits and homemade masa tortillas.

For this dish you can use either golden hominy or white hominy. I used both. I am equal opportunity hominy user. I did use 3 cans of hominy for this recipe.

I rinsed it and let it drain in the colander.

Sour cream makes everything better! I added one 8 ounce container. You could use Greek yogurt if you wanted to make it a little lighter.

Then one small can of chopped green chilies. Don't ask me the ounces. Just get the smallest can!

 Cheese was next. The whole recipe calls for 2 cups of cheese. I used 1 cup in the casserole itself and then saved 1 cup for the top.

I mixed it all together and put it in a oven safe stoneware bowl.

Sooo easy! This is one dish that gives you a lot of "wow" with just a little effort.

I baked it in the oven for 25 minutes at 350. It came out loverly!

This night I served the casserole with some pinto beans (with just a little cumin and garlic added) and a salad with tomatoes and avocados.

Here is the recipe.

3 cans of hominy (drained and rinsed)
1 can of chopped green chilies
1 container of  8 ounce of sour cream
2 cups of cheese

Mix everything together except for 1 cup of cheese. Put in an oven safe casserole dish (greased). Sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.



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