About Me

Other names? Beke. Mom. Sweetie. Hey You. I’m good with any of those.

So glad you stopped by!

I am
Married to a boy named Troy who I often refer to as The Studly Muffin. Because he is all that and a toasted PB&J.  We have been married since 1991. Which doesn’t make me in my 40’s at all! (she says as she blatantly lies).

The mother of one beautiful, busy and incredible smart teenage boy named Josiah Bevan.  

A former Early Childhood Teacher Who Started Off As A Cosmetologist And Still Doesn’t Know What I Wants To Be When I Grow Up.

A Homeschooler (yes, we are some of those people)

Currently a reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

A Bibliophile

A Hillbilly. Pretty much.

And a Pastor’s Wife. 

I Love 
My Family
The color Red
The Smell of Lemons
Dangly Earrings
Vintage Thingies
Old Movies
Making Stuff
Books and more books
Pretty Music
And wearing Flowers in My Hair

About Us
This is the day The Studly Muffin and I got married. 

We had known each other 6 months. 

He is 9 years and 9 months older than I am.

He is from Indiana.

He floats my boat.

He’s an ordained Assembly of God pastor.

When we were married 10 years we adopted this guy. He was 2 weeks old when we received parental custody. 

Which was pretty much the best thing that ever happened. Adoption Rocks. And I would do it again in a heart beat. 

He has been a joy. 

And a lot of fun.

And he’s about the purtiest thing I’ve seen.

This is us a few years ago. 

So Why the Blog? 

I started blogging because I needed to have an outlet. I had been through quite a bit and when I started this blog I needed to have a creative project to keep myself occupied.

There was the infertility. And the big ole debilitating car wreck. And the congestive heart failure before I was 30. Not to mention the whole weight issue. 

I thought maybe it would be a good thing to share something of what I learned. Not that I’ve learned all that needs knowing. 

I feel we spend so much time on anticipating the big moments in our lives that we fail to appreciate the little things. There has been so much in my life I haven’t had control over. I have had to learn to try and live a beautiful life…no matter the circumstances. 

I just wanted to share what God had given me. 

Why The Name? I realize that There Will Be A $5 Charge For Whining is a mouthful.

Several years ago, I had a little tin sign perched on a shelf in my dining room. I had plenty to whine about. So I thought. The sign was a reminder to me that I have so much to be thankful for. And if I couldn't make lemons out of lemonade it was going to be a dry and thirsty (not to mention bitter) journey. 

I had been blogging for a while before we even started homeschooling. In fact, I wasn’t even sure if anybody ever read my blog except for my Mama. That was okay. It has been wonderful therapy.

I hope my blog inspires others to live a beautiful life. Regardless of what is going on around you.

Some Random Things About Me 
(Or better titled: “More Than You Wish You Knew”)

~I was born in Nicaragua. My parents were Missionaries. We were asked to leave the country because some crazy people were trying to kill my Dad. True Story. 

~I have met Sonny and Cher. Well. At least, I thought they were Sonny and Cher. They used to come into the restaurant where my mom waited tables when I was a little girl. I don’t know who they really were. They were eventually arrested for growing marijuana. True Story.

~I can sing. True Story.

~I can play the piano under duress. I used to have nightmares that I was forced to play Beethoven’s 5th during worship service at church. I can’t play Beethoven’s 5th

~I read freakishly fast. I can’t tell you how fast because you wouldn’t believe me. I read the Hobbit when I was 3rd grade. It is still one of my favorite books. 

~I have a hard time counting out change.So if you pay me and expect any change back you might have to wait a bit. 

~I attended ASU (Arkansas State University) and majored in Early Childhood Education. My minor is in History. Because those thing go together. Right?

~I gained 80 pounds the year after I was married. I lost 80 pounds this past year. I have some more to go. It hasn’t been easy. I have issues.

~I am the oldest of 3. Which means I can be bossy. I am a bit messy and somewhat fruity. 

~I love Doctor Who. What's there not to love? Really!

~I also have an affinity for The Movie Musical. 

~ This is an excerpt from my favorite poem. Ever. 

~I really like to cook. Most of the time. But I’m not a good baker. Though I love pie. Pie makes the world a better place (not that I would know that…I haven’t had pie in ages…I haven’t lost 80 pounds by eating pie).

~I can be pretty shy when I first meet you. I probably blend in in a crowd. Unless I am wearing my sparkly scarf. Then I shine. 

~I adore my husband. He has such an honest and sincere heart. And a beautiful soul.

~This is my favorite Scripture Verse. 

~I write for a living. I say "living" in loose kind of way. 

~My favorite homeschool subject is history. Did we establish that I like history? Josiah’s favorite homeschool subject is lunch and recess. And you didn’t think we had recess in homeschool!We started Homeschooling because it was the best option for Josiah and our family. Do I second guess myself all the time. Absolutely! But, it's still the best thing for him. 

~I also have another blog called The Creative Church IdeaAttic. It is a blog full of ideas for small churches. I don’t update it very often. I need to be better. 

~Sometimes I have a tendency to overdo things. For example, I once uwrapped all the Christmas presents I had purchased and rewrapped them with wrapping paper that matched my tree just a little better. Help me.

So there you have it. Some of it at least. Aren’t you glad you asked?


  1. I love your site!! You are quite entertaining. I also battle of the bulge. I found that I was prediabetic this year so I have fought with myself to stick to a strict diet. I wish you the best of success, and lots of love in Jesus name.

  2. Thanks, Jean. I'm diabetic myself so I know how hard it is to get it right. I'll be praying for your journey as well...

  3. Hi Rebekah,
    I found your blog through an article about homeschooling an only child. The title of your blog caught my eye, so I visited here first and haven't gotten much farther. Reading about you was like looking in the mirror. I looked for your email address because I didn't want to get too personal in the comment box, but couldn't find it, so here are the basics...

    We married in 1991...I was an elementary school teacher...we couldn't have children...adopted in 2002 (she was born in 2001)...therefore, we have a 13 year old...homeschool one child...let's just say I can see the numbers 250-300 on the scale when I step on (which I try to avoid)...my husband has pastored two churches...I love to cook...and I love Jesus.

    I'm sure I'll be back because I feel such a connection to you.

    Blessings for your journey

    1. So glad you found your way here, Annette! Sounds like we have a lot in common :) If you want to drop me a line you can at teaguesthree@yahoo.com.

  4. I'm your newest follower and wanted to say hi! :) Following from the Crew, and a fellow pastors wife :) Nice to meet you!


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