Friday, January 9, 2009

Feeling Mighty Fine

Around the holidays a friend of mine sent me a nutritional product she had started selling. She is a cancer survivor and wants to keep herself as healthy as possible. She had amazing results on the product and thought I would benefit from it. Remarkably, I have had really good results. I am loosing weight, gaining energy and most importantly, have been healthy since I've been taking them. You have to understand that because of my health issues I am constantly battling whatever bug is floating around. I spent the entire fall season sick with something. Not only did I miss work, but had to leave my job because of my health. I am eventually going to start selling them myself so I can get my own products without any cost to me(or nearly so). I will be the first to tell you I am not a salesperson. In fact, I really hate selling anything. But, it's important enough to me to be able to stay on the products. I would put my "schmooz" on..but I don't think I have any "schmooz" in me!

Birthday Boy

My baby celebrated his 7th birthday on Thanksgiving. The prize birthday present was the suit purchased for him at JC Penney's from Ama and Papa. After we had stuffed ourselves with turkey and the like at my house we whupped it up in honor of Josiah's birthday. Papa helped Josiah adjust his suit and Ama took pictures of the birthday boy as well as the ever adoring cousins. Alexandra and Madalyn absolutely love Josiah and are enchanted with everything he does...not that I blame them. Isn't he handsome? The hat was a birthday gift from Uncle Ryan and Aunt Stephannie and the kids...It also has a matching whip...all part of an Indiana Jones outfit....which I can tell you was a big hit!
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