Friday, November 30, 2012


It's me again.

Today has been a strange day. Josiah had oral surgery. Bless his heart. He has been a real trooper. Though I have never heard of anybody complaining so much about having to eat ice cream all day. Who would have thunk it? He's ready for mac and cheese. Me, too. But that's another story.

I'm also trying to finish up a very large apron order. I am making 10 aprons for one order (this is not including some other smaller orders). I've finished 4. Or maybe 5. I figure I'll keep cranking them out until somebody tells me to stop. I am currently taking a break from all the sewing madness. I made sure to wind an extra spool of green bobbin thread when starting this particular apron and now I can't find my extra spool. I refuse to wind another one! After all...It will take me at least a minute. I'm guessing if I sit on the couch long enough it will come out of hiding. And if it finds my camera's battery charger while it's hiding out....

So there's this weight loss thing I'm doing. AHHH! I had a brief hiccup over Thanksgiving. Not that I gorged myself, but there is only so much stuffing, potatoes and pie one can have. I've still only lost 61 pounds. I've got to shake it up again. My calories are good. I exercise, but it looks like I need to change it up a little. And then there is the hair. My hair has gotten so brittle and fine. It's falling out!!! Not that I had all that much to begin with. But good grief!! I've tried not to get so obsessed by it...there are worse things...but I'm kind of worried it's not going to get any better. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday to get some of my levels checked. I'll be able to talk to her about it then. If not...I guess The Studly Muffin will have to give me some pointers.

Nobody does Bald Better Than the Muffin.

Later (after lamenting my lost locks) we are going to put up our Christmas ornaments. We went out last weekend and got our Christmas stuff out of storage...except for the ornaments. Oops. The Studly muffin went and collected them after Josiah's surgery. Since Josiah can only have ice cream I've declared it Leftover Night. I would have liked to declare it Ice Cream night, but I want to lose more than 61 pounds.
Next week...if all goes as planned...I want to share with you what is happening in our Homeschool World. It's craaazy, let me tell you! We have some special things we are doing for the Christmas season. It's too good not to share!
For now....I am going to give my sewing area "The Look." The green bobbin in bound to make an appearance sooner or later. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random Turkey Day and Birthday Boy Happenings

I'm blogging. That must mean there is some task I am dreading...Today it is pretty much all of them. I'm so far behind on my "to do" list. I expect I might catch up around Valentine's Day. Not a great way to start the Christmas Holiday. But I must sludge on (sludge on?...not sure if "sludge" is even a word). In true "sludging" fashion I am going to fill you in on recent happenings. Then I need to go tackle the stack of dishes in the sink. I would go on a "mom doesn't need to do it all" strike, but it would be there waiting for me when I got done pouting.

We had a pretty great Thanksgiving. Waayy too much food. Lots of kiddos. Plenty of family togetherness...that sort of thing. We alternate holidays with both sides of our family, so this Thanksgiving was with my folks on the farm. I dragged along all my little Fall crafty projects (including the Thanksgiving Chalkboard pictured above with my Mom's cat, Nim). I also dragged along my beverage servers, serving platters, sewing machine and some extra laundry. I have a patient (and strong husband).

What does a cook do when he or she needs to toast a meringue and the oven is full of turkey and stuffing? He or she calls upon the "Fire Master" (aka my Dad or "Papa") to get the job done. Every man should have a propane torch in their tool box. My Dad does...and More. He's officially hired for all future meringue toasting projects.

 Josiah Bevan's birthday is always in November (imagine that). And occasionally it falls on Thanksgiving. Not this year, but we have started celebrating on Thanksgiving with whatever side of the family we are visiting. This year he requested his Grandma Teague's Red Cake (served at all Holidays and special celebrations). He also requested a Star Wars Cake.

Grandma T. wrote out the recipe and mailed it out and I baked it up. Josiah gathered up his Star Wars guys and Voila! A Star Wars Red Cake. These Star Wars guys have been through it! C3PO has even lost his head!! Not to fear, Star Wars Fans everywhere...Josiah purchased some more with his birthday money. Everybody has all their heads and other least for now.

Another Wilson family Holiday tradition (along with absurd amounts of Pie) is some Pickin' and Grinnin' . I come from a long line of pickers and grinners. Ama (grandma) has enough instruments in her little music corner to start a real live traveling band.

 We take these things very seriously. Bless Papa's heart. He's a trooper.

 The day after Thanksgiving the grandkids helped Ama (grandma) decorate the Christmas tree. I'm so proud. How many of you can say your son is not afraid to wear Christmas ornaments on his ears. Just don't tell his Daddy.

All the Tree Trimmers. What I want to know is how those kiddos got so big. My brother's twins are 15. What? How can that be? I'm only 17 myself. What.

 Under that pile is The Studly Muffin. The Cousins adore him.

He is loved. What a man.

 Every year we try and have Mom (Ama) take pictures of the Birthday Boy around the big day. These are his 11-year-old pictures. I can't believe how grown up he is.

 He had quite the Birthday week. We ate at his favorite places. He got a new bike. And then got to spend some cash (gotta love those adoring Grandparents).

 He wanted to go to a local video/gaming/etc. etc. store. I think it's hysterical how all of these grown men wander around these stores speaking in hush tones about the graphics of this game or that game...It's very reverent. I'm always kind of expecting to see somebody going all out in a cape and tights. Next time a certain boy in my house fusses about going to the fabric store I'm going to remind him how many times I have dutifully driven him to the game store...

The Studly Muffin and I are so blessed. Josiah is just a joy. Sometimes I can't believe how God worked everything out for us. I waited so long to be a momma.

But when it happened it was really worth the wait.

So I've really put off my chore list long enough. I need to get working on it before I am forced to add more to it! Sludge On!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Stuff

I haven't been avoiding you...I promise. It's been too crazy for words in my little world. So to catch up I thought I'd give you some not so random thoughts.

1. Josiah has been sick. He's such a trooper. He spent last week sounding like he was going to cough up a kidney at any minute. I made him miss swim team practice twice and Wednesday night church. I tell you it was tragic. Such drama. He's feeling better. I can tell because he hasn't stopped talking. This boy can talk. And talk. And talk.

2. We are going to Thanksgiving at my Mom and Dad's this year. I'm getting together my list of "Beke's Diet Approved Thanksgiving Dishes." And because I've had at least 3 members of my family remind me that unless there is pie it's not Thanksgiving I am going to have to face a Chocolate Cream Pie on that day. My family would pretty much be okay if that was Thanksgiving dinner. Pie and Mashed potatoes. And maybe homemade rolls. Which is a big problem for a girl in the middle of a radical transformation. I had visions of completely remaking our Thanksgiving meal, but then decided I didn't want to get voted off the island. I couldn't face that many pie lovers and live.

3. I've lost 61 pounds as of this week! October was a really slow weight loss month. I've tried to to worry too much about it. But also I don't want to become complacent. Just because I feel better and have lost 4 sizes doesn't mean I can rest. I still have plenty to go. When I took Josiah into the Doctor last week (we share the same doc) the first thing she said to me was "Girl! You've lost weight!" Yes, Ma'am. I have to tell you that it's a pretty good feeling.If I could get away with doing some sort of Fame like dance strut up my street I would. But in my neighborhood I'm afraid I'd get approached to see if I could sell them whatever I'm on.

4. I have a terrible confession. I can't find the battery charger to my camera. I last remember it being plugged into an outlet in my dining room. Yes. THAT dining room. I have a theory or two. It's possible it was consumed by large tub of fabric...if so I don't know when I'll see it again. I'm afraid if I go digging I'll lose an arm. Another possible theory is Alien Abduction. Hey! Alien's need digital cameras, too! In any event there are many things I need to be recording for all time. The adorable wreath I made for Fall. My cute paper strip pumpkins. Our Blessing Tree I hung in the hall. Josiah's huge feet. I mean really! The boy can wear my shoes! Not that he will anytime soon. His daddy would frown upon black ballerina flats.

5. I was so involved in some much needed housework Saturday morning that I ripped the sink handle right off the kitchen sink. Oops. I'm not that strong. It was that old. So Monday the plumber for our building came and put in a new sink faucet And then yesterday he came and replaced the whole bathroom sink. It's like Christmas. Who would have thought I would be so giddy about plumbing.

So that's all for now, folks. I've got a list of stuff to do that seems to be magically growing (either that or Aliens are involved).



Monday, November 12, 2012

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review: November Issue

I don’t know about anybody else, but it’s about this time of year “dazed and confused” becomes part of my every day countenance. I love the Holidays. I really do. But as I always seem to be perched on the edge of the proverbial cliff, (with my toes…which are sadly in need of a pedicure… barely clinging to the sides) I don’t need any more stressors and added activities to push me over the edge. I know. Sounds like a Bummer. And it always seems as if the ole’ Homeschool routine suffers the mosst.

“A Day In The Life of a Crazy, Over Extended Homeschool Mom”. Or ” I’m About At The Edge of My Sanity and I Have to Teach What Now?” These both could be titles of my current book. All of you Homeschool Mammas are waving that gospel hand in the air right now. Preach it! You know what I’m talking about.

Enter The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. The Old SchoolhouseMagazine is a lovely (and FREE) digital magazine filled with all the help and encouragement for the modern homeschool family. I recently curled up with my laptop and my favorite (sugar free) hot chocolate and opened up the The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's November Issue. It was like sitting down with a friend.

First of all, the magazine is visually appealing. Colorful and beautifully laid out. I used to get it in a print copy, but The OldSchoolhouse Magazine is now riding the digital wave and even has a free app, which can be found at . The quality of the magazine hasn’t changed in the fact, there is even more content.

My favorite articles in this particular issue of The OldSchoolhouse Magazine are (not coincidently) concerning things God has been dealing with me about lately. There is much needed encouragement in “Refuse To Be A Victim: Avoiding the Self-Pity trap.” By Denise Mira. This hit me right where I live. Too many times I get caught up in what I don’t have or how hard it is to ____ (fill in whatever blank is appropriate for the day) or what curveball life has happened to throw me.  This article is so good I have been quoting it all week…mostly to myself.

This issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine also has focus on music and poetry. Which are two of my great loves. And ironically, two of the things I have had a harder time implementing into our homeschool. I am ashamed to admit this, but I am a former music teacher. For some reason I have had difficulty transferring those experiences and knowledge to our Homeschool. How do I incorporate music into my full curriculum in a broad scope? And how do I do this on a tight budget?  The November issue of TOS really gave me a lot of tools. From “But I Can’t Teach My Child Music” by Marcia Washburn to “Frugal Tips For Music Lessons” by Molly Green (TOS’ Frugal Guru) this issue is full of helps for those of us who need to step it up concerning our child’s music education. There is even a Techy’s take on the whole thing with “Free Music Software” by Andy Harris.

Something I love in general about The Old SchoolhouseMagazine (other than the fact it is FREE…I did mention that, didn’t I?) is that it is thoughtfully divided up into sections depending on the specific needs of the homeschooling family. There is The Charlotte Mason Homeschooler, The Classical Homeschooler, The Struggling Homeschooler (penned by one of my favorite’s, Dianne Craft). It helps the reader get right to the nitty gritty of it all. I immediately went to Dianne Craft’s article in The Struggling Homeschool section (appropriately titled "Homeschooling A Struggling Learner: Where I Find the Time?") before going back and reading the additional articles. I always find her advice to be so encouraging and practical.

Now just a little bit of additional advice. The OldSchoolhouse Magazine is full of advertisements. All helpful I’m sure, but you do have to get a bit of a handle on your impulses when looking at all the wonderful curriculum and helps (speaking from personal experience). I have used TOS quite a bit when shopping for curriculum, but  have to sit on my hands otherwise. But what a great resource in general to have.  It’s advice you can’t get just anywhere. It’s helpful to know that there are families who have been where you are and understand the particular needs of the Homeschool family and the lifestyle that comes with it.

As anyone who does Homeschool understands it is not just about academics, but the whole lifestyle of a family is involved. What I appreciate about The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is that I cannot only find nuggets to help me with the academic aspect, but there are articles that address my spiritual needs and even practical homemaking concerns as well. 

 So with that in mind I am going to to off here and read  "Declutter Your Home In Time For the Holidays" by Malia Russell over again. Then I shall go forth and conquer! My dining room needs an intervention! And then my closets and probably my homeschool cabinet...the list goes on and on! I encourage you to download your free copy of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine today! Happy Reading!

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
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