Monday, August 17, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do Lapbook

We just finished (well, almost finished) our Monkey See, Monkey Do Lapbook. Basically, we learned a little about monkeys and Africa and read a lot of Curious George books. Josiah has always loved Curious George and has a lot in common with the little monkey! I must have had some forewarning of what was to come because Josiah's first birthday was a Curious George party!
I am not a very good picture taker, but I will try the best I can to explain what is on each page.

This section opens out from the center of the palm tree. I cut the palm tree from construction paper and each top leaf can be lifted up. The little cutout monkeys are answers to addition and subtraction problems found in the Barrel of Monkeys pocket. I got the cutouts at the teacher supply store. A very inexpensive way to add color without using your computer ink!
The green polka-dotted pocket is actually a little file folder that opens up and reveals some sort of science or discovery project we did. I got the file folders at the teacher supply store as well. I plan on using them in other lapbooks.

This page opens up to find all of the little books we did while we learned about monkeys and Africa. I will put some links at the end that inspired me. The yellow thingy across the middle of the book is actually a felt sticker that says bananas. It came with a monkey (that I put on the front of the lapbook) and a few smaller bananas.

These are a variety of activities. The top petal book is actually monkey idioms. There is a great little book at Homeschool Share already to print out, but I ran out of space and had to make my own smaller version. The Curious George puppets (which Josiah loved) and the Invent and Built It came from either the PBS Curious George site or the publisher of Curious George Houghton Mifflin (links to follow).
The Finding the Ending Sound pocket goes with the little monkeys (g,m,t). This is actually a little young for Josiah, but he loved it anyway. I got this activity from The Mailbox Magazine.
The yellow-pocket file folder has another activity we did together.

This is the cover. I copy and pasted a Curious George Picture I found online into my publishing program (Printmaster). I used scrapbooking paper throughout the lapbook as I do in most of our lapbooks.

The back of the lapbook is just a pocket that he could put his copywork and any worksheets or coloring pages we might have done.
The sites I used for this unit were:
The Publisher of Curious George, Houghton Mifflin
(this also has an author page and we had intended on making a minibook, somehow it was forgotten)
The PBS site for Curious George.
Wow! This has a little bit of everything. What I used the most were the Science and Engineering activities. They certainly have enough material to print of to make several lapbooks!
This is one of my favorite sites ever! They not only have a Monkey Lapbook (which I used some of the components from), but a Curious George Lapbook as well.
are sites you can go to purchase lapbooks or unit studies for Curious George.

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