Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Slug Bug

Unmotivated. Thy name is Beke. A slug can't get any sluggier than me. Blame it on the heat! Blame it on our unconventional schedule and life!  I would blame it on the alcohol, but I don't drink! If I did, now would be a good time for something strong. I started off the week on a roll. I should have listened to my gut and stayed in bed. Instead I ventured out into the world. And let me tell ya...It wasn't a great experience. I cried. It wasn't attractive. At all.

 Today started on a high note. I went into my morning with a plan. Then promptly talked myself out of the plan. I have been plan less all day. I'm sure at some point this week I will suddenly wake up and say "what happened to my week..and why in the world didn't I get anything done?"

Anyhoo. Tomorrow is another day. And hopefully it will involve spelling and toilet cleaning (not necessarily in that order). I did make some iced tea and put ham in the crockpot. At least my family will receive nourishment.

And because I feel sorry for myself and am desperate need of comfort food, I thought of Girl Scout Cookies. Which led me to take this Girl Scout Cookie Personality Test. Who knew that Girl Scout Cookies could reveal so much about the innermost me? My fav's are Thin Mints (followed by the Peanut Butter kind). Here are the Thin Mint observations,

Thin Mints: You’re easygoing. Those who favor bold flavors like mint are easygoing types. You’re the one at home who doesn’t feel the need to make waves, and the one your co-workers find the most agreeable.

Nailed-it! Now if they would have added that Thin Mint lovers appreciate sushi, adore flip flops, can sing every number in The Sound of Music and has a sophomoric habit of daydreaming I would have suspected somebody over that at Personality Test central was related to me!

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