Monday, August 22, 2011

What's For Supper: Summer's Harvest

While I am sifting through the remainder of our Indiana Vaycay pictures (which I plan on posting later) I thought I would post what I made for supper tonight. Nope. I'm not really all that hard up for blogging material, but as I always enjoy seeing what other people eat and cook, I thought I might start posting a few of our weeknight meals.

It can be a real challenge to get supper on the table some nights. And don't start whining at me that I shouldn't have any trouble because I am a stay-at-home homeschool mom. I wasn't always a stay-at-home homeschool mom and throughout the years I have had to provide a meal for my family during some pretty tough times. And being a stay-at-home homeschool mom doesn't mean you sit around all day and supply your child with worksheets and coloring pages (can I get an Amen! from my fellow homeschool sisters). Regardless, throughout my challenges and changes in life I have discovered that a few things are important to me. Budget (can I use what I have and what I can afford?), Presentation (will my family feel like I created something extra special for them) & Well-Balanced (am I providing my family with nutritious and tasty meals?)

Supper tonight was Spinach and Bacon Quiche, Fresh sliced yellow and red tomatoes, corn-on-the-cob and watermelon straight from Papa's garden. We literally brought home dozens of eggs from my parent's farm this weekend. So this week I am thinking of ways to use up the eggs...especially considering we will probably be bringing home more next week.

These tomatoes I got at our local produce & organic market. Dad has been having tomatoes coming out of his garden, but they just canned a whole bunch and there wasn't enough for me to take this week to eat on. Not to mention I made a whole mess of Fried Green Tomatoes when I was there this past weekend. I won't tell you what I paid for them. Because if I tell you I will have to tell The Studly Muffin.

Quiche is a great idea for any meal. And you can really use anything in them. I am not an egg eater. But I do enjoy The Quiche. You might have heard that Real Men Don't Eat Quiche. But my man eats pretty much what I put in front of him so we're good. It's not his favorite meal of all time...he'd much rather have steak. Despite his hankering for a hunk of meat, he sure gobbled this up tonight. This recipe makes two quiches.

I used this recipe from ...  Clark's Quiche. I used bacon I got from my last Angel Food order, left out the ham (I didn't have any). I used just one kind of cheese and 2% milk. I also left out the mushrooms (I didn't have any of those either). You can substitute any kind of vegetable and protein. This particular Quiche recipe uses Sour Cream, which I loved. Another thing. I made my own pie crusts. It is pretty cheap. Just find you a good pie crust recipe and hang on to it. But, don't feel guilty going the store bought route if you need to. I was wishing I had spent the extra 2.50 for premade crusts when I was rolling this crust out tonight. But then again, after tasted the finished product I was doing some pretty heavy duty self-congratulating.

So here's supper! The corn we brought home from Indiana. I am hoarding it like Josiah hoards candy.  I'm considering hiding it in my top drawer along with my nighties so I don't have to share.

I made some Sweet Tea (which is technically sweetened with Splenda), but since I don't allow Josiah near caffeine (those of you who know him understand) I mixed up some juice from concentrate. I adore this pitcher. I have a little bit of a pitcher "thing." This one came from one of our thrift store crawls.

I love, love Watermelon. This one comes straight from Papa's garden. It was picked yesterday. He asked me if I wanted a medium or a large one. I don't think there were any small ones. We almost needed a Uhaul to get this thing home. I asked for a medium. I hate to see what the large ones look like. We are going to be eating Watermelon for daayys.

Easy Peasy! And delicious!

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