Monday, March 19, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - March 19

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This week I'm keeping it Simple. Well. Kinda. Simple for me. I do have a confession. Last week I had purchased a Corned Beef to serve Thursday evening. Instead I made sandwiches. Actually, I made my sandwich. Everybody else was on their own. I did slice a yellow bell pepper and an avocado and arranged it nicely on a paper plate. That way, The Studly Muffin could pretend he was at his favorite sandwich shop. Call it what you will, but we all need emergency "just be happy this isn't a bowl of cereal" meals. 

I always get tickled at those chefs on the TV who (while busily chop, steam,saute,scramble) assure you that this meal they are making is not any more complicated than going through a fast food restaurant. Sure thing, sweetie. Anyhoo. Here is my menu for this week. Baring any unforeseen events. Like company. Or long days. Or strange cravings. Or just because.

Monday: Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage (this is one I carried over from last week).

Tuesday: Hamburger Sliders & Home Cut Oven Fries. We love hamburgers. And there is nothing like making a pound of ground round stretch like making sliders. Put that with some Oven Fries and Yum!

Wednesday: Reuben Sandwiches. I'm using the left over corned beef for this one. I got a large loaf of Rye bread from the Marked Down Bread rack this morning at the grocery. It's a great mid-week meal.

Thursday: Tacos! I found a large package of ground round marked down this morning (hence the beef heavy week). I had everything else for tacos. Why not?

Friday: Bean Cakes with Sour Cream & Avocado. Salad. This is a great recipe for Bean Cakes. And they are really good for you.

The Weekend is going to be spent with my who knows! Enjoy your week ;<)

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