Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby Steps

Anybody else up to their elbows in "Spring Cleaning?" I'm trying. My big problem is that last year's Spring Cleaning marathon didn't happen.

And the fact that we are stuffed into a small apartment is causing its own share of issues. I'm considering moving one of us in with the neighbor. I'm thinking about volunteering to go myself. Beke needs a break.

I did get one big project done yesterday. I found a spot for the mountain of fabric buckets. Of course, I might never get them out from where they are all wedged...

Have you ever looked at something in your life and thought, "Where do I even start?"

Maybe you have a big project coming up. Maybe you are overwhelmed with weight loss or adapting a healthy lifestyle. Or maybe you are walking through a difficult patch right now.

Last week I told you to find 3 little things to do that would add a little beauty to your life. I did all of mine except for the trip to the park. But, hey! 2 out of 3 ain't bad. (my apologies to Mrs. Carter. My 6th grade English teacher who used to make us write sentences if we used "ain't").

This week I added to my "little things" list by purchasing a small bouquet of flowers at the grocery store to set on my coffee table. I've enjoyed staring at them.

This week I am overwhelmed with the disorganization of my home. It doesn't take much for it to become something from "Hoarders." I am overwhelmed with what to do. How do I just start?

I'm going to share another strategy that seems to help me get through those tough projects or mountains in life.

Baby Steps.

It is so easy to look at a situation in your life and become overwhelmed with the enormity of it all. I have done this with weight loss. When I started I had well over 100 pounds to lose. I would look at pictures taken of me at our wedding and just cry. How did that young, size 6 girl ever let herself become so disgusting? And how to lose 120 pounds? How was that even possible? Nothing I had tried worked. It became a mountain I just couldn't climb.

Baby Steps.

Some of us have trouble with moderation. We throw ourselves into a new project, a weight loss program, etc, etc. with wild abandon. And because it is impossible to maintain that kind of energy indefinitely we wind up crashing and burning. And that in turn pushes us even further over the edge.

Sweet friends. I've been there.

Baby Steps

Here is your assignment for the week. In keeping with last week's assignment, write down something you can do to add a little beauty to your life. And then write down a goal for yourself. Next, list one thing you can do to help you achieve that goal. If it is weight loss you can try and replace something in your diet, add more fruits and veggies or start walking. But...only do one thing. Don't try them all at once. In fact, only do one thing this week. I've found with weight loss that changing a lifestyle is key...and you can't do that all at once. Trust me...this 70 pounds I've lost didn't come off easily.

Because my mountain to climb right now is taking control of some of clutter, I started this week by finding a more permanent place for that fabric mountain.  Today I am setting our box for Goodwill by the door and another box of books to take for trade at the used bookstore. The Studly Muffin already told me he would take them for me. Tomorrow I am going to go through one of Josiah's drawers to prepare him for Spring/Summer.

Baby Steps.

Take some big deep breathes. And just take one step at a time. You'll get there.

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