Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random Thoughts: The Homeschool Convention Edition (part 1)

I am recovering from my trip to our local Homeschool Convention. My head is full of so much stuff...I doubt I can put three words together coherently. In honor of a good time with my Homeschool Peeps (plus several hundred new friends) I am giving you some Random Thoughts (part 1).

1.  Some call it Vanity. I call it a perfectly reasonable .... I spent 10-20 minutes picking out what shoes I would wear one day. You can see I chose these darling little opposed to my trusty tennis shoes. I did carry my tennis shoes in my bag all day. I am not completely frivolous. Are cute shoes important at homeschooling conventions? Probably not, but these little shoes helped put a little spring in my step. I felt Cute.

2. Contrary to popular belief, not all homeschoolers wear buns and denim jumpers. There were a few sweet Mennonite Mamas. And a denim jumper made an occasional appearance. But there were those who sported hair extensions and perky pedicures. I myself made sure I stuck a flower in my hair every single day.

3. What kinds of workshops do Homeschool Conventions have? Believe it or not, I didn't attend one chicken raising workshop. I heard from Nuclear Scientists, best selling authors and nutritional experts. And not one of them told me I had to raise chickens and make my own bread to be a true homeschooler. Good thing. I couldn't fit chickens in the apartment....I need room for the books.

4. It is good to go with a friend with snacks. I did carry a baggy of Almonds (the homeschool mama's universal snack). But my friend (herself a mama of 5) came with cheese, almonds, apples and dried cherries. Cute shoes and snacks. Need I ask for more?

5. In the "what did you think" survey for next year I am suggesting that the convention hall replace their perfectly adequate padded chairs for several couches. Add to that my stretchy pants, some loom knitting and a cup of tea and I would have been set. Imagine...being able to relax, craft and listen...without the interruption somebody wanting you to make him a PB&J or hunt for swim goggles. I'm not mentioning any names. Just saying.

6. I came all fired up to do homeschool more efficiently and with increased vigor. It has made for a better week (remember that saying, "When mama ain't happy?). There are still the same little issues. No matter how many classes I take to teach writing this one insisted on using The Pirates of the Caribbean movie as a source on his report about octopuses. Sigh. What's a mama going to do with that one?

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