Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jesus is My Superhero

There is a show Josiah enjoys watching. It is called "Word Girl" and can be found on PBS every afternoon and on Netflix at anytime of the day or night (trust me). In the show, Word Girl (aka Becky Botsford) is a superhero girl from the planet Lexicon. She protects Fair City from evil villains all the while using her colossal vocabulary.

Josiah loves it. He, himself, has a colossal vocabulary. Though, as far as I know, has yet to battle an evil villain.

Anyhoo. We've watched many episodes of Word Girl in our home. And something always bugs me. The people of Fair City are fickle. Anytime there is a sign of  a "cooler" superhero appearing Word Girl is pushed to the side. Or when Word Girl has been framed by one of those evil villains the citizens of Fair City always suspect her of wrong doing. How rude.

You would think those folks would remember how many times Word Girl has come through for them. They would remember her character and how she always does the right thing.

I had an epiphany today. I was washing my dishes and crying. I wasn't crying because I was washing my dishes (though that happens). I was crying because I was overwhelmed by something in my life and just a bit discouraged.

Josiah was watching Word Girl. While scrubbing my pots and pans, I heard from the living room  a particularly whiny citizen complain about something Word Girl had done or not done.

It made me think about my own present attitude and my own fickleness. How many times has God come through? How many times has He saved the day? And how many times have I picked up this particular burden and decided that nothing was ever going to change.

I know His character. He never changes. He has proved Himself time and time again.

So tonight I feel properly humbled. And a bit sheepish for even putting this "epiphany" out there. It's much cooler to receive insight from something, well, cooler than your 11-year-old's favorite PBS show.

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  1. While you may have felt "sheepish" putting this out there, I am so glad you did. This is something I needed a reminder of. I see God's faithfulness all the time, but then something comes up and I forget and am focusing on myself. Thank you so much for posting about this and thanks even more for sharing this on Throwback Thursday. I sure needed to read this.
    (My girls have just recently discovered Word Girl, to my dismay. It is not my favorite show, but they are hooked. Even my 2 year old is asking for it.)
    I can't wait to see what you share this week for Throwback Thursday!


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