Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boys Can Cook: Monkey Bread

Just a note.

No monkeys were harmed in the making of this bread.

And another note.

Don't indulge in this bread unless you are prepared to gain at least 20 pounds. Right now. This is not something I am actually eating at this point in my life. It's just that good.

I'm glad we got that out of the way.

So this is the story (and I'm sticking to it). Josiah and I were driving home from swim team practice last week and I gave The Studly Muffin a quick call. He goes to work in the afternoon and works a 10 hour shift. I wanted to know if he wanted me to bring him anything ('cause I'm that kind of wife).

After initially telling me no, he gasps. I cringe. I know what's coming. "Oh no!" He says. "I told the guys I would bring in some monkey bread."

Keep in mind he is just minutes from walking out the door for work. But I know how it is important for him to treat his buddies...and a man's word about monkey bread is his bond.

I make a stop at the grocery store and buy monkey bread fixins. I've made it 100 times for the guys at work. There are a few of them and they are big eaters, so I buy enough stuff to make 2 pans of monkey bread. More on that in a minute.

I also employ (not really...he cooks for free) my favorite Boy Chef. I think it's important for Boys to learn how to cook.

Now monkey bread is very simple to make. It also involves a few things I never use. Canned biscuits and sugar. I never use canned biscuits because I can make better ones from scratch. Sugar is sugar. 'Nuff said. If I make stuff with sugar (like pie) I eat it. Imagine that!

Here's how Josiah made the Monkey Bread.

First we light the "It's now Fall and we like lighting candles in the kitchen" Candle. Everyone should have one of those.

Josiah starts cutting the biscuits into quarters. He later will dip those quarters into a cinnamon sugar mixture.  He had the best time opening the biscuit cans.

Josiah greased a bundt pan and poured 1/2 cup of pecans in the bottom. You may either pronounce them Pe-Cans or PeCahns. Take your pick. I live in the Ozarks. So technically I could go either way.

Josiah then sprinkled 1/2 package of butterscotch pudding mix (not the instant kind) over the pecans. This gives the monkey bread a gooey top. We made one of the monkey breads without nuts. We are equal opportunity monkey bread fixers.

Josiah used the rest of the butterscotch pudding mix in the pan that we assigned the "no nut" monkey bread. 

Josiah then mixed brown sugar with butter in a sauce pan and melted it all together. That alone is good enough to eat...forget the bread part!

After he dipped the biscuits in cinnamon sugar, he arranged them in the pans and poured the brown sugar butter over the top.

We baked it....and there it was. Beautiful, scrumptious monkey bread.

Not that I would know. We wrapped up both plates of monkey bread and took them over to The Studly Muffin. 

He brought home empty plates. Which is probably just as well.

So here it is. The Teague Family recipe for Monkey Bread.

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