Thursday, October 31, 2013

A TOS Review: Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns

I took my first spin out with the sewing machine when I was 8. Since then, sewing has provided a much needed creative outlet…not to mention a little extra income now and again. 

I do need to admit, however, that I am merely an adequate seamstress. There are certain sewing skills that I avoid like the plague. Take for example, button holes. I don’t believe in them.  

I come from a long line of more than adequate seamstresses. In fact, my wardrobe during babyhood was entirely handmade. Now that is love. My mom called it economy, but every time I see each and every precious piece I feel special. 

I don’t think every girl needs to know how to sew (though I certainly lean that way). However, I do feel that this particular skill lends itself to just a bit more creativity and self-sufficiency. Need a couple of throw pillows or a new library bag? Just stitch them up.  

I am the mother of an only boy. His only interest in my world of sewing has been to see if my sewing machine would pass as a Star Destroyer. So when I recently had a chance to review the Learn How to Make Doll Clothes Video Course with 8 Free Doll Clothes Patterns from Rosie’s Doll Clothes Patterns it was entirely up to me to check it out.  I really do love this part of my life.  

What I Received

There are over 130 instructional sewing videos available with this course. Some are more involved than others, but I think there is a little something for every caliber of seamstress. Rosie takes us through the very basic (how to set up a work space) to tips even the most experienced seamstress will appreciate. 

In addition to the instructional videos I had access to 8 free patterns (PDF), plus step-by-step videos to follow.

Rosie, herself, has a wonderful teaching style (she’s also an Aussie and I found her delightful to listen to). I loved that I could rewind and watch bit of lesson I might have missed or needed to see again.

The cost for the video course is $47.46 (for a 12 month course, plus 8 free patterns).

As far as age level goes, I think it is up to you. I personally feel this course allows even a younger child to learn basic sewing skills. You, as a parent, obviously need to supervise. I think it is a wonderful course for those (a-hem) older “girls” to use for sewing instruction. The recommendation age for the course is 8 and up.

How I Used It

Because I am not a beginning seamstress, I did not follow each video in order as instructed. I loved that I wasn’t locked into a particular set of lessons. This being said, however, I loved how Rosie divides the lessons. They aren’t overly long or overwhelming.  

The lessons are divided into modules so if you are a beginning seamstress or working with a beginning seamstress they are all set up for you. I plan on using them (in order) with a niece who is anxious to learn how to sew. 

Rosie has some pretty fabulous tips on how to make sewing just a bit easier. I found a lot of them to be extremely helpful. 

Okay. I realize that there is a heart placed strategically on my fingernail. You can do a lot to hide a bad manicure on the computer. 

After printing the patterns (there is even an instructional video for printing them), I set them up in a handy dandy notebook I recently purchased on clearance to keep track of them.
Then I set to picking out my fabric. 

Here is where I need to give you a little hint. Be sure to read the fabric recommendations. I ran into a surprise when I stitched up the undies. 

I have buckets and buckets of fabric. Some of the fabric I have purchased (I have been known to stalk the remnant bins), some has been given to me and I often use articles of clothing which no longer have a use in my home…or I happen to find at the Thrift Store. 

Because these particular little outfits don’t take very much fabric I didn’t spend a penny on my creations. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to sew. 

So without further ado! I want to show you my end results...with a little commentary, of course! I need to apologize in advance for the quality of my pictures. My camera is being contrary. I also realize my pictures aren't exactly to scale for my blog, but I wanted you to be able to see them extra good (did I even say that right?)

Before we move on, I need to first to admit something. There isn't a great supply of doll babies at my house. Though I could probably set you up with a whole host of Star Wars figurines. The doll baby you see this picture is an old baby I have standing on a bookcase in my living room. And (gasp!) he is a little boy.

I assure you I am not encouraging cross dressing...I did the best I could. I did stick a red ribbon in the baby's hair. It works.

Anyhoo. This baby was a bit small for the clothing, but Rosie has a great video on sizing up the clothes to fit any baby. I didn't do so because I plan on giving these clothes as gifts. 

This outfit is the Summer Nightie and Underpants. I made a boo-boo and used a cotton fabric for the underpants instead of the recommended knit. 

This outfit is the summer crop top and sports shirts. Purty cute!

This little outfit is the Sarong, Halter Top and Hat. There was a little spot on the Sarong fabric so I just whipped up a little flower to cover it up.

Making a hat was a brand new experience for me. I loved it!! I'm thinking I need to make one in my size!

A few more thoughts… I think this an Ah-mazing course regardless of your skill level. It is perfect for the young girl (or lady) just starting out or someone like me who wants to learn more…it’s like being in a master class. Rosie is a terrific teacher. 

Rosie has patterns for both American Girl Dolls and Cabbage Patch Kids on her site. I do wish I could have reviewed the Winter clothing patterns, but the little girls in my life will have plenty of sweet summer outfits ready to go.  

Don’t be intimated. You can do this! 

The only outfit I didn’t make was an adorable pumpkin costume. I didn’t have the right fabric on hand. I did make a few extra nighties. I had plenty of Strawberry Shortcake material and a few little girls in my acquaintance who might need one.

Other members of The Crew reviewed this product. I have to say that it has been fun to see what they (or their kiddos) have created. Go take a look! 


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