Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Strategic Shopping: A Review

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Friends. You know how I feel about frugal shopping. One of my favorite places to frequent is The Thrift Store and “Clarence” (you might know him as “Clearance”) is a good friend of mine. I am always looking for new and creative ways to save a buck. It can be a fantastic adventure! Fantastic, though sometimes challenging.  I was recently given the chance to review two first-rate books about the subject. 

Let me first tell you a little about the author. Candy Foote is a mom of 12! I think she probably has quite a bit of experience shopping strategically! Just her weekly grocery trip alone must be an adventure. You can check out more about Candy and her methods by visiting her website. In her book, Strategic Shopping, she gives step by step practical help.  Candy does talk about how to use coupons, but she also has wonderful advice on how to save money everywhere.  I found that my small family of 3 (just The Muffin, Josiah and Me) benefited just as much as a larger family would. 


Strategic Shopping is a great resource, but my favorite has to be Christmas with Strategic Shopping. I have to say that this past Christmas stressed me out (just a bit). There were those handmade projects that I didn’t allow enough time for (talk about last minute!). Those homemade goodies I didn’t budget for and so much more I wanted to do for family and friends, but just didn’t have the funds to bring it about. 

I love Christmas and all that comes with it. One of my favorite things is being able to share lovely things with the people I love. Candy helps those like me to “strategically shop” all through the year to make Christmastime all that I hope it can be. How does she do it? Candy gives us a month-by-month plan. She talks about all the items to look for in a particular month. For example, I love knowing that in March I be looking out for socks, gloves, hats or anything wintery that I can sneak into a stocking next year. The price will be drastically reduced as they are preparing the shelves for summer. 


Another idea I absolutely love is to create a non-perishable box. This box is to hold all the supplies I might find for my homemade treats and goodies through the year. We all know that certain times of the year are better to purchase particular ingredients. I was inspired to get started on my own non-perishable box.

Candy also provides printable pages at the end of her book. These are wonderful organizational tools. I love that she encourages to make a plan and then gives us the tools to do so! 

One of my favorite parts of this books is hearing of Christmas in the Foote house. Candy does such a wonderful job of inviting us into her home. I loved reading of the family traditions. Made me all squishy inside (not that I wasn’t already squishy here and there:<))

I am already putting Candy’s advice into practice. I was somewhere over the weekend and ran into a few shelves with .25 Christmas items. Yay! I spent a couple of dollars and feel good about having a running start on this next Christmas. 

Both of Candy Foote's books, Strategic Shopping and Christmas with Strategic Shopping, can be bought from Candy's site. Both are PDF ebooks (I downloaded them to my Kindle) and are easily managed. Right now Candy is providing us with a terrific discount. Just use the Code given below. I know you won't be disappointed.


I posted yesterday details of a fantastic Facebook party happening tonight (Tuesday, January 28). I encourage you to attend! I am going to try and be there :<)

Happy shopping!


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