Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Review: Star Chronicles: A Bible Based Study of the Stars

Are any of you star gazers? There is something absolutely fascinating and awe-inspiring about our universe. For centuries mankind has looked up into the heavens and tried to make sense of it all.

I recently had a chance to review Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars by Dawnita Fogleman. The immediately appealed to me because it a study of astronomy that steers clear of horoscopes and astrology
The book is literally hot off the presses. It consists of 106 pages filled with study material, coloring pages, notebook pages and star charts. You can purchase the book a couple of different ways. 

Amazon and Create Space both have the paperback copy for $25. Or you can go the eBook route and download the book from Fogleman Forerunner for $12

Right now you can use the code located in the banner below and save 25% on the Ebook. It makes the book $9. Woo Woo! I believe this offer is only available until April 20, 2014.

I received the PDF version of the book. Dawnita has done her research meticulously. I think anyone who loves to look at the stars and longs for a solid Biblical study will be fascinated.
The book is divided into the following constellations:
  1. Virgin and Bride (Virgo)
  2. Justice & Balance (Libra)
  3. Sting of Death (Scorpio)
  4. Archer (Sagittarius)
  5. Goat (Capricorn)
  6. Water Bearer (Aquarius)
  7. Fish (Pisces)
  8. The Lamb (Aries)
  9. A Bull (Taurus)
Within every section there is a star chart. We are also given a word study on the name of the constellation. Scripture is used at every turn as well as historical content. 

As I mentioned before, there are plenty of supporting activities that are available to reinforce what is learned. I’m all about a scrapbook and one of the suggestions in the book is to create a beautiful scrapbook of the constellations.

Dawnita recommends going through the study at a leisurely pace. You may choose to cover a constellation in a week or a month. I love that there is so much flexibility.

After looking at the material Josiah wanted to begin with the Sting of Death (Scorpio). Big surprise. I think the whole idea of a constellation that looks like a guy stepping on a scary bug holding a snake appealed to him.

Here is a picture of the star chart for Scorpius.

Josiah feels he's a too old to color the coloring pages included (I have to disagree...I am still coloring), but we utilized the notebook page. BTW he does his best thinking with a blanket on his head.

Instead of having him use the notebooking page to record what he had learned, I had him write one of the Bible verses given in the lesson.

I look forward to continuing to use this study as Josiah grows. My desire for him is that he comes to know the Creator of this vast and beautiful universe in a real way.I think this would be fantastic for a family unit study or as a supplement to any study of the stars.  

Dawnita has sample pages available. You really need to check them out. 

Here is a little more about Dawnita (doesn't she have a fabulous name?)

Dawnita Fogleman is a fifth generation Oklahoma Panhandle Pioneer. She and her husband, Paul, have six amazing children. They have homeschooled from the start and now have two graduated and starting their own businesses. With the family business and their little farm every day is a surprise. Dawnita blogs about life on the “funny farm” at You can read a great interview with Dawnita at Marriage, Motherhood and Missions. 

You can also find Dawnita...

At Fogleman Forerunner and Dawnita Fogleman

I want to thank Dawnita for taking such time and attention with  this study and for allowing me to review it.

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    1. I'm not too old for coloring either. Maybe it's a boy thing? LOL Thank you so much for the review! I'm so encouraged that this is something you feel you may use as he grows older. I love curriculum that grows with the children! You have been such a blessing!!!


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