Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cousin Camp 2014: Day 3 - Row the Man Down

This is my Day 3 Recap of Cousin Camp 2014.  At least I think this is Cousin Camp. The picture above makes me wonder what kind of cooky and crazy children my siblings have spawned.

On Day 3 we visited exotic India. After breakfast (and a very exotic granola bar) we set down at the table to make our own boats out of egg carts.  The Cousins/Pirates were going to have a boat race out on the exotic pond with these boats and it was important to get them just right.

I don't know about you, but I think the mustache will make Miss Periwinkle Peg Leg's boat sail faster.

The Little One (Lady Fluffbucket) placed her stickers just right.

Sassy Topaz Dragonshorts even included a little pirate to navigate her boat.

I am as pleased as a punchy pirate to present this video (couldn't think of a 'p' word). I thought I had erased it from all four cameras I was using at the time.

It is a video of the actual boat race. If you can get past my atrocious "hickness" and my mom's lovely lemon shorts... Close to the end I lose focus and get a nice shot of my poor puffy feet.

This is the part of the show in which I tell you that when Josiah Bevans/Sharkbait (oohaha) woke up that morning he had 102 temp. I dosed him with ibuprofen, had him take a shower and filled up his water bottle. I told him to go lay down, but he insisted that he was "GREAT!" He was so worried he was going to miss something. He's a trooper. That's for sure. I, however, am a wimp. It was while filming the boat race that I discovered I was coming down with an ugly migraine.

I limped to the spare bedroom and laid down for an or so while Mom helped the Cousins/Pirates make leather bands. 

She did not take pictures. You will just have to take my word for it. They were lovely. I got up a while later and finished up cooking for the rest of the day. I had put an incredible Indian Butter Chicken dish in the crockpot that morning and Mom made some Naan on the grill. It was such a yummy meal. The Cousins/Pirates slurped it down. Even Josiah Bevans/Sharkbait (oohaha)

After supper we headed out to the pond and floated around in the rubber rafts. This is a popular activity at the farm. 


Queen Sea Pearl Silvergrim can't be trusted to paddle herself. She was a little disappointed. But it was a good disappointed.

Two Toes Bones and Miss Periwinkle Peg Leg wave to the shore. Yes. That is mud running down their arms. Don't fuss, Baby Sister. This is the farm. 

The Little One (Lady Fluffbucket) could have spent all evening on the pond. As long as she's not in it....she's good. 

 Our Mustached beauties were quite the rowers.

These are the days that they won't forget. Can you even stand it?

 Sharkbait (oohaha) is about to become Catfishbait. Sit down! You're rocking the boat!

After we Sailed on the Seven Sea(s) we headed back inside for showers (oh yes we did) and had our Cousin Camp birthday party!

My Dad thought it would be a great idea to have a birthday party together to celebrate all the birthdays during the year.

A couple of the girls (Sassy Topaz and Miss Periwinkle) made some cupcakes. I made a quick batch of buttercream and set out all manner of M&M's. We had mint ones, pretzel ones peanut butter ones and plain ones. The Cousins/Pirates then got to decorate their cupcakes.

It made for a fun (and very easy) party.

Now this is a pic I think I will use on her wedding day. It will (hopefully) be years away. Not that any man wouldn't be lucky to take that mustache home with them.

 Oh the Sugar!

You can see that it's already beginning to take effect!

Now I have a very sad story. Remember my Migraine? Apparently, it was a forerunner for a nasty stomach bug that was heading in my direction. I spent much of the night sicker than a Pirate after a long night in the brig.

Rewind just a bit. After I got up from my earlier nap, I started to make a sugar free sheet cake with whipped chocolate (also sugar free) icing. The end result was this.

I am only revealing my shame because I want you to feel sorry for me.

The cake didn't rise (thus I stacked one side on top of each other). The frosting tasted like chocolate butter. About the only pleasant bite was an M&M.

This is not why I got sick I might add. The bug had already invaded my person. This was just a sad result.

Tomorrow we head to Asia! We also go on a Pirate Treasure Hunt and have dinner on the Deck with Company! And I see how many exclamation points I can get away with!!!

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