Friday, September 11, 2015

Creating a Cozy Corner:17 Weeks of Learning to Live A Beautiful Life

Welcome to the very FIRST week of Learning to A Beautiful Life. I am going to share some thoughts and a challenge every week until the first of the year.

I hope that this series will be a blessing to you. I am not going to promise that it will fix all of your woes, but maybe it will help you find inspiration in your own life.

This week's challenge is about finding a place all your own.

Growing up we had this huge puffy chair. It sat in our living room (along with its matching huge puffy couch). The living room was always a place of tranquility. The TV was banished to a family room and this was the room of the house that my Mom always insisted stay clean.

It was perfectly natural that I would gravitate to this huge puffy chair. In this chair I would read. My head on one arm and my legs dangling over the other. I would also spend time scribbling my hopes and dreams into my diary.

Not much as changed. Although the huge puffy chair disappeared when I was in High School and I have been married for almost 24 years....I still require a bit of tranquility.

I still require a little cozy corner in the universe.

Here are some truths about me.

1. I am a morning person, but I like to ease into my morning.
2. I need quiet time in my life. I am one of those introverts who require time alone to regroup.

I like to get up in the morning. I take my early medicines and make a cup of tea. Then I sit in my Cozy Corner with my Bible and prayer journal. I like to write out my thoughts and maybe a Scripture or two. I check my calendar and make a plan of action for my day. After breakfast, Josiah and I will return to my Cozy Corner. I will read aloud from any books we are working through.

My Cozy Corner has become a little haven.

Now this has been hard to do in the 700 square feet I have to share with a man child and a husband.

When looking to create my own corner, I found lovely examples on Pinterest. However most were impractical for my needs.

I knew that my cozy corner had to be part of  my living room. I had to do with what I had. No huge puffy chairs were in my future.

For several years now, my cozy corner has been a nice little area of my living room. It is on the end of my couch. I have all I need for devotions, read alouds, doodling, knitting...even a spot to charge my phone.

I want to talk about a few things that help make my cozy corner practical, yet cozy!

This is where I have my cup of tea. This tea cup was one I kidnapped from my Dad's stash in his barn. Bahahah! If you don't have a ritual of a daily cup of tea or coffee I suggest you create one. There is something so calming and gracious about sipping on a warm cup of tea. You don't even have to put tea in your tea cup. Choose whatever beverage floats your boat. Many of my tea cups (other than those I have set free from my parents' barn) have come from The Thrift Store.

I do like owls. This guy was a present last year from my Mom-in-law.  The doily under the books was crocheted by my Great-Grandmother. The books are a collection of family heirlooms and treasured finds. My mom gives each grandchild a photo book every Christmas. Those are included with the books in my corner. I also like a little candlelight in my corner.

You can put memories in your cozy corner. This shell was one given to me by my Mom. It came from one of family vacations to the ocean. Whenever I look at it I am reminded of those days.

My old typewriter is a new addition to my corner. The Muffin purchased it this summer for me from a Flea Market here in town. I had been on the hunt for one. We don't know if it works yet...I just like it!

This is my stack of books that we are currently reading aloud. Also included is a journal (or four) and a couple of Bibles. I have two different versions (The Message & NIV) so I can read out of both.

A Cozy Corner allows you to surround yourself with just a few favorite things. Collections make more of an impact when they are grouped together. This shelf has a beautiful vase (not seen) that was made my niece. A children's book about owls. A picture of Josiah and the word "Hope." And then all of my owls standing in a row.

I fill my cozy corner with beautiful things. Sparkly pens make me happy. This book mark was hand tatted by my momma.

Beside the desk I have a knitting basket and a bag with my doodling supplies at the ready. I like to do either while my guys are watching TV in the evenings. I have a feeling my knitting basket is going to be much used. It's Football season!

Under the desk I have a larger basket that I have filled with special books. Some are those I am reviewing, some might be ones I want to add to our read aloud. There are others that I want to keep at the ready for reference.

This guy is my constant companion in my Cozy Corner. My Momma illustrated him (he's actually a watercolor) for a children's book she wrote. I was thrilled when she gave me the original.

So now you've seen my Cozy Corner. I encourage you to either create one of your own or personalize the one you've been using.

Here are some suggestions.

1. Make it practical. There is an electrical outlet under the desk. I did add a extension that has multiple outlets. I can plug multiple things in if I need to. I also love the drawers in my desk. I am never without a pen. The men in my house don't think to look there! If you don't have drawers put your pens in a pretty mug or pint mason jar.

2. Make it yours. Do you like butterflies or daisies? Is there something you can add to your corner that makes you smile? I suggest to find things around your house to use in your corner initially. I am a big believer in using what you have.

3. Make it peaceful. If you have little kids this might be harder. However, we do have some rules in our house. In the mornings (when I have my quiet time), the TV does not come on unless I turn it on. I often will turn on some of my favorite classical music down low to set the tone.

4. Don't clutter it up. I realize my corner looks pretty cluttered. Why do I need an old typewriter anyway? On the other hand, I have become very conscience of what is in my cozy corner. If I am planning lessons I make sure I return all the textbooks, notebooks and planners to where they came from. If I am writing out Christmas Cards...I make sure they find another home when I am done.

Remember that your cozy corner will be useless if you don't actually use it. It's more than just having a place to put your stuff in. For me, it's finding that quiet part of the day that I can reflect and plan. If I am facing a challenge it helps me sort it out. I can write in my prayer journal and pour my heart out to my faithful God. The ritual of the cup of tea and the flickering of the candle makes it all seem special and beautiful.

If you decide to take this challenge let me know how it turns out!

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