Friday, November 6, 2015

When Lightning Struck! A Review

I recently had the privilege to review When Lightning Struck!: The Story of Martin Luther by Danika Cooley.

Here is just a little excerpt…in fact, it happens on the first page.

Martin hit the ground and rolled, then clambered to his feet. He could feel the wrathful hiss of the sky as the earth shook with the force of each clap of thunder. It was as if a giant was barreling down the road, intent on crushing Martin beneath his heavy footfall. With every passing moment, the blazing lightning struck closer and the thunder exploded louder, reverberating through his body.

Don't you want to read some more? 

The character, “Martin,” in this story is not an adventure seeking archaeologist. Nor is he a young demi-god searching for a golden fleece or a young wizard looking to defeat a nasty snake.

Martin Luther was a real-life, superhero who questioned the status quo and was a pivotal figure in the Protestant Reformation…His assertion that salvation is a free gift from God and not one that can be purchased or earned eventually branded him an outlaw.

However, calling him a superhero might be pushing it a bit. He wasn’t perfect. We see that in this book. I think it will challenge and encourage young adults who struggle with their own theological questions and their place in the world.

When Lightning Struck! is intended for Middle and High Schoolers, but can be used for a family read aloud. This book is not merely a recitation of facts. It certainly sparked my curiosity to learn more about the most famous of reformers. It is an exciting book with plenty of  theological 'meat' to sink your teeth into. 

You can see the hours and hours of meticulous research Danika put into the book. She does such a great job in vividly painting the life and times of Martin Luther. We can see the inner struggle in his life and feel his fiery convictions. There are also plenty of adventures...a kidnapping, war and talk of bowels (such interesting things for the boy in my house!). 

Whether you are familiar with Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation or you are just curious about the story and would like to learn more, this book is for you.  I think it is a wonderful teaching tool. This is a great book to have in your family library! I highly recommend it.

Oh! Before you go...Last week, I posted an interview with Danika Cooley. There is also information about a study guide that Danika has put together to go along with When Lightning Struck.

There is going to be a Facebook Party on November 10 (8pm Central). There will be lots of prizes given away…I am sure of it! I hope to see you there! I’m sure I’ll be in my jammies…

Also….Don’t forget to enter the fabulous Launch giveaway. The last day to enter will be November 9th

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