Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mold and a Farm Retreat (in that order)

Hello from The Farm. 

Josiah and I are spending the week here while our kitchen is basically out of commission.

  • This came about after it was discovered that a pesky leak behind our sink had produced a major mold issue.

Rather than worry about the work crew stumbling over my teacups and trying to cook in a neighboring unoccupied apartment, The Muffin and my Momma decided it was best for me and The Boy to come and take in the fresh air and sketchy internet at the farm.

I do what I'm told.

At first, I was worried about the very loonng "to do" list I was carrying around. Then I decided a week away was just what I needed.

Josiah is living it up. This morning, when I suggested that he take a shower, his eyes took on a vacant look.

"What is this shower you speak of?"

I posted this picture on my social media pages Monday. You can see that he's making the most of things. AND he is getting to spend time with his cousin, Chris.

The Muffin informed me just this afternoon that the work on the kitchen is nearly completed. My job for when I get home will be a doozy.


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