Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cousin Camp: Giants!

Today I'm going to post Day 2 of our Cousin Camp pictures. 

This the deal, folks. We are leaving in vacation in just a little over 2 hours and I have at least 4 hours of stuff I need to get done. 

So what is a girl to do? She procrastinates by piddling around on her blog. 

That's the way I roll. 

Again. I am about to lay down a ridiculous amount of pictures. You must remember that most of these children have parents, grandparents and the odd relative who enjoy seeing their progeny live it up in the wilds of the Missouri countryside. 

Day 2 was Giants Games. Our Dragon Quest took us to Giant land. We enjoyed a cooking school class in the morning (it was raining and Ama had to take an ailing camper to the doctor). The kids made an old family recipe. Hot Fudge Pudding Cake. Yummo. 

We worked on our shields after lunch and left the Giant Games for after supper when it was cooler, dryer and Cousin #1 wasn't at work. 

Earlier in the the Cousins received this little riddle. 

Later they were given these instructions. 

Yes. Mom wrote the little riddles. I think she must have a jingle going on in her head 24/7. This game came to me in one of my crazy creative modes. Basically, the knight rolls the dice. They must chose a card from the bucket that corresponded with the number they rolled. For example, rolling a one would take to the blue bucket. They chose a card. Either the card will give them a task to perform or it will tell them that they have recovered the remains of one of the knights that have disappeared. Quite grisly, don't you think? We aim to please.  Another little thing. Each task also has to be performed a corresponding flag. You will see how it all works in a minute. We played this game forever. Cousin #8 asked to play it EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

This group is looking as confused as you are. What did you just say? 

The buckets. Found at The Dollar Tree for 2/$1. The dice we ordered from Amazon.

The flags.

I'm not sure what Cousin #8 got here. Yawn? Do your best fish impersonation?

I do know that Cousin #3 got this one his first go around.

This was a big step for Cousin #3. He would rather you believe he's not even there. I'm not convinced he sang the song "loudly"...

Cousin #7 had to wink her left eye 10 times. That takes talent, my friends.

Cousin #4 (my progeny) performed this task with finesse. Even the cat thought so.

Woowie! Cousin #1 "found" the remains of one of the lost knights.

And another find for Cousin #3! Plus a nice "Vanna" like display by Cousin #5.

This task involved rolling. Obviously.

This could have been sing the first verse of your favorite song loudly, but if I remember correctly Cousin #6 had to say something in a foreign language. Which she did with style.

This one involves a little explanation. Cousin #4 actually drew "Be Scissors." Yes. This is his interpretation of scissors. Which are of Egyptian design. This was quite the joke the rest of cousin camp.

Can you pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time? Cousin #5 can.

Now, I can't remember what Cousin #7 was asked to do here (we played this game FOREVER). There was the much-loved "Cry like a pirate" card in play. What do you think? Does she look like a sad pirate?

Or does Cousin #2 look like a sad pirate? Hard to tell.

I think Cousin #6 drew the "Wiggle your nose card."

Now there is a little story with this picture. Cousin #3 (who is very cool) drew the "Do the Chicken Dance" card. The Cousins had to encourage him from afar. This, my friends, is a Chicken Dance flash mob.

Cousin #3 was appreciative.

Another wiggling nose?

Whatever is being done here by Cousin #4 is being done with enthusiasm.

The "Wiggle your nose" card was in play quite often.

Cousin #2 drew the "Hug the nearest tree" card. He did so with gusto.

The little one had to act like a monkey. I think she had it down!

Uh-oh! The "Remove one article of clothing" card!

 Not sure what is going on here. Whatever it was it was funny.

I promise we take this boy to the dentist every 6 months!

Sometimes you just have to hug yourself.

Or hug a tree.

At the end of the evening, the cousins gave a repeat "Chicken Dance" performance for Papa.

Then took their teeth back home.

More pictures soon! I need to get my toothbrush packed! 

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