Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cousin Camp: Knight Boot Camp

I know you've been waiting for this. So here it is.

And since I'm about to bombard you with loads of reviews, I thought I would make it simple and post my favorite pics (at least from Day 1 of Cousin Camp) with limited commentary.

At least, we can only hope.

I need to warn you that there are a ridiculous number of pictures in this post.

You are welcome.

Because this day was devoted to Knight Boot Camp (not to be confused with Knight Booty Camp), we gathered several training tasks for our knights to complete.

Before I get started, I want to let you know that any strange structure you might see on the farm is probably a chicken house. They are portable so you never know where they might wind up. The chickens are moved every couple of days to enjoy a new patch of grass.

Moving on.

This activity is The Javelin Throw through a fiery hole. Don't judge my fiery hole, folks. That fire was the best I could do. It was hot!

Yes. The Javelins resemble pool noodles. You don't think we would give this crew actual javelins, do you? 

If you look closely you will see that Cousin #3 was just millimeters from slicing Cousin #8's ear off.  Ouch.

Our knights didn't have a whole lot of success with this activity...only two of them actually got the javelin through the fiery hole. It also must be said that one of those cousins (Cousin #6) enjoys the hobby of archery.

This Cousin (Cousin #5) used to be a gymnast and attempts some kind of Double Layout with her javelin.

Sooo Cute! I have to watch myself with Cousin #8. According to her, I (Aunt Beke) never say no. She could be right.

This was the blind horse race. Actually, the horses weren't blind (or really even horses, for that matter). The object was to ride your horse (wearing a blindfold) to the finish line.

Poor horse.

It's harder than it looks. Especially when Cousins #3 and #4 are holding the finish line and instructed (by their grandmother) to move about the yard while Cousins #1 and #2 ride off in to the sunset. You really had to be there.

This game required the Knights to toss rings over the horns of unicorns, which were basically foam cones glued to bike helmets from The Thrift Store.

This little one (Cousin #8) found it much easier just to make friends with the unicorn.

Sweet little unicorns.

Cousin #8's cheating ways were not unobserved.

Cousins #3 and #4 took notice.

I need to tell you a little bit about other activities on that first day. The Knights were given the opportunity to adopt a dragon. 

They also received their tunics and swords.

They also were challenged with the Knight Boot Camp Taste Test. I had a huge silver goblet with all of these wonderful items listed. They had to chose one and accept the challenge. Let's just say there were a few surprises.

Lastly, they created their helmets. I do need to say that Cousin #1 helped several cousins create their helmets and then went on to spend at least 2 days fashioning her own. It is quite epic and I'll be sure to point it out when I show you the final pictures.

Supper was sliders made out on the grill and then we headed outside for fireworks.

Cousin #6 is obviously dressed for a summer evening.

What I did notice when going through the pictures was that Mom took a lot of the pond and smoke.

There were some of the children.

And a few of my son walking through the smoke...I did take some video, but my windows movie maker is cussing at me right now. There is some good stuff there.

We did have some nice fireworks toward the end of the night. We finished off the night with smores and a few showers. Probably not enough showers. But that's the way it goes.

 I'll try and post Day 2 pics in the next few days. We are leaving tomorrow evening for Indiana !

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