Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A TOS Review: CTCMath (an online math curriculum)

Math. It’s not quite our “jam.” However, you kinda need it! Right?

We have been reviewing the Homeschool Membership from CTCMath this summer to see if will pass the muster for possible use this fall.

CTCMath is an online interactive math program. Kiddos K-12 can use this program.  Most importantly, students can learn at their own pace. 

Now I am the homeschooling parent of a One and Only, but when you purchase a CTC Homeschool Membership you can have accounts for up to 10 students. Each student receives his or her own login and password. My Teacher Account allows me to check in on my student and see how he is progressing. Now there is a different price for multiple student account, but it isn't that much more and it doesn't rise with the number of children you have. 

I can also assign certain topics for my student to complete. This is how I used the program with Josiah. I wanted to give him some remedial help to work through this summer. It was easy to pick and choose what I wanted him to focus instead of starting at the beginning. 

First of all, CTCMath can be used as a complete curriculum. It is simply more than just some review games. There is thorough instruction being given here. 

It is also interactive. There is an instant quiz after every lesson. There are also printable worksheets available for your student to print out. 

Most importantly, (and this is a biggie for us!) lessons can be repeated as needed. You can pause the video. Replay the video. You can repeat a concept if needed and don't have to worry about moving on if your student hasn't quite mastered it. 

From my account, I was able to go through a lesson and grab some screen shots for you so you can see what transpires during a  typical lesson.

I have decided to embarrass myself with anything resembling High School Algebra (though I rocked College Algebra way back in the day). I am heading back to 2nd grade and starting with Multiplication. In fact, multiplication is been the focus of Josiah's review this summer so it's only fitting. 

You can see at the very top of the screen an option for 3 diagnostic tests. I LOVE this. It allows me to see where Josiah is at. 

You can't see this box very well, but it the results of a diagnostic test I had him take on basic addition. It gives an efficiency rating, shows the number of times he took the test (once) and what date he took it. 

 The lessons themselves begin with a video. They are simple and straightforward. They also don't last very long. Yay!

After the video the student answers a group of questions pertaining to the lessons.

One of my favorite parts of the program is that immediately after answering all the questions, the student is taken to a screen of all the questions and answers. You can see that the wrong answers are corrected with red, allowing the student to see where he went wrong.

As I mentioned above, there are also printable worksheets available. I plan on utilizing this feature more when we jump into our fall semester. 

Here are a few things I want to tell you. 

No matter what grade your student is in you have unlimited access to all the lessons. That is terrific for those of us who have students who need challenging or those who need extra help. 

You do need a reliable internet connection with speakers or a set of headphones. 

CTCMath has the same teacher voicing ALL of the lessons. That is consistency right there. Josiah likes him because he sounds like Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings movie fame). I believe Pat Murray is Australian so that could explain the connection. 

I also love Mr. Murray's belief that students don't need a lengthy lecture or explanation when learning math. My college algebra teacher happened to agree. He was a Russian nuclear physicist who insisted that "Americans made things too hard." Mr. Murray also believes in a multi-sensory approach to learning..which is absolutely apparent in the lessons. 

I really, really like this program. This is a keeper! 

You can connect with CTCMath via the following social media outlets. Don't forget to click on the banner below to read more reviews. 

CTCMath Review

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