Saturday, March 4, 2017

Catching Up (chatting)

Hello my friends.

I think we are in store for a bit of sunshine today.

We had sunshine yesterday, too. While, Princess the Cat and I were too busy occupying a corner of the couch to get out and enjoy it, we did appreciate our view from the living room window.

Have I told you that we got a cat?

She is loverly.

She was given to us by a sweet family who had inherited a couple of dogs.

Princess was Not. Having. It.

She is a beautiful 7-year-old Siamese with lots of personality.

The first few days we had her she hid behind the washer. One evening she just showed up on The Muffin's lap. She decided that "we will do," after all.

Most importantly, she ADORES Josiah. A boy needs that kind of pet adoration in his life.

If you know anything about Siamese cats, you know that they can be kind of chatty. Princess is no exception. She makes it very clear when her bowl isn't filled to her satisfaction, the front window curtains aren't opened in the morning (she likes to look outside) and she is looking for her favorite toy.

You can tell we are in love.

In other news, my blood pressure is doing much better. Right now, I am still struggling with high blood sugar readings. Basically, I'm just exhausted.

It's always something.

But there is always hope and at least this little health crisis of mine has required me to refocus on some of my health goals that I've neglected.

I'm not meant to be one of those girls who can live a wild and crazy life. I have to stick to the straight and narrow.

Don't worry. I'm not speaking about any kind of crazy behavior other than late nights and french fries.

Sigh. I do love a french fry.

I have quite a few blog posts I'm working on. I know I have been not as active, but I'm getting there. This move has been more challenging than I anticipated. I need some syncopation in my life and I'm getting close to finding my groove.

I think it's so important to have little routines in one's life. Some of my favorite routines happen to involve hot tea and colored pencils.

I am working on those exercise and house cleaning routines. They aren't quite as fun. 😁

This morning, Princess the Cat and I are once again alone. The Muffin and Josiah are at the first of many Lent breakfasts in the community. They are quite the pair. Josiah loves to go and do these kinds of things with his dad.

After that, I have a list of chores for that boy to complete today. You know he LOVES it when I give him a list of chores. Chores take away valuable video gaming time.

That's it for today! Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy a french fry for me.

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