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Celebrating Manhood (A Homeschool Crew Review)

I recently had the opportunity to review an interesting product. It’s an ebook called Celebrating Manhood: a rite of passage guide from the Home School Adventure Co. If you are the momma of boys I think it’s worth reading on.

2001 was one of the most devastating, yet exhilarating years of my life. I became pregnant with my first child after nearly 10 years of infertility. Sadly, I lost that first, precious baby at only 8 weeks. If you follow my blog any, you know that just a few months after that heartbreaking event we became parents to a beautiful baby boy born to another momma.  My mourning “turned to dancing.”

That baby is now 15 and he is our joy. He’s grown up so fast! That chubby baby now has whiskers on his lip and a low baritone voice. (not to mention a fondness for crazy selfies!)

Celebrating Manhood was written by Stacy Farrell.  When her firstborn son approached his 14th year, she went about creating an evening to celebrate his passage into manhood. The experience was so meaningful and significant that she created this guide to help other mothers do the same for their sons.

The ebook is divided into the following sections. 

Celebrating Manhood—our Story
A Blueprint
Invitation Template
The Question Cards
I Remember When
If Only I Had Known
What I Value and Respect
Welcome to the World of Men
About the Author

In each section, Stacy gives us step-by-step instructions about how to pull it all off. 

 Basically, the evening is a celebration of your brave and beautiful boy. You fix all his favorite things to eat. Then you invite the important men in his life. They surround your son with great advice, blessings and love. 

One of the intriguing parts of the evening (I think) is a question time. There are ready-to-print cards available to promote great conversation and good advice.

Here are a couple of the questions.

What is one thing you do that helps you overcome fear?

What is one of the most difficult things you have had to do?

Aren’t those good?

When I first looked over the guide, I immediately started planning Josiah’s special evening in my head.

I wanted to get started right away!
However, I took a step back and decide that I want to wait and plan it around his 16th birthday. I didn’t want to throw together an event merely for this review and some good photo experiences. I want Josiah to understand the significance and know how proud we are of him.

I already have a list of guys I want to invite. Josiah has been so blessed to have some pretty great guys in his life.  They take him fishing, out to breakfast, hiking…he has also helped with work projects and clean-up.  Josiah’s dad (The Muffin) is the real hero in Josiah’s life. He has shown Josiah what it is like to be a real man. He displays a sincere love for God and his family.

Stacy has truly come up with a meaningful experience. I encourage all of you with boys to grab this book. I can’t wait to bless Josiah with an evening to celebrate the man he is becoming.

I’ve done a review or two for the Home School Adventure Co. in the past. They are a company with an integrity and I am always impressed with their products.

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