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Timeline Trio (Homeschool Review Crew)

Some of the first products I heard about when we began homeschooling many moons ago were the fabulous Timeline Figures from Home School in the Woods. Now THIS was the product this history-loving momma drooled over.  Sadly (cue violin strings) it never happened for us. Those delicious figures never made their way into my homeschool toolbox. Until now. It’s happened my friends. Just a few weeks ago, I received Amy Pak’s hand-drawn goodies (and more!) in my welcoming mailbox. Since then, we have been reviewing the Timeline Trio.

The Timeline Trio includes:

A "Record of Time" timeline notebook. This is a lovely hardback book that measures 12” x 9”. It contains 3-rings that lay flat when opened. This notebook contains filler pages featuring dates from 5000BC to 2025AD. These pages are heavy weight with notebooking lines and also feature a gorgeous set of maps.

A Collection of Figures on 2 CDs with 1,260+ figures plus 80 bonus figures.

A Suggested Placement Guide with suggested placements for each figure and more.

If you are like me you recognize the absolute genius of providing your homeschool students with meaningful, hand-on experiences. The benefit of a timeline product like this cannot be over-emphasized. Moreover, I think the idea of “seeing” history as it happened chronological is a must. 

How We Used It

There is no set way to use a product like this. The sky is the limit. You can use it with virtually any curriculum or methodology. I am currently writing a history curriculum and Josiah happens to be my guinea pig. I thought it would be fun to use the Timeline Trio while we read through the lessons and stories on the beginnings of the Cold war.

I started by inserting CD1 and clicking the START button. You can navigate the CD’s in a few different ways, but I have used Home School in the Woods products enough to know that those START buttons are gold. I was provided a menu that helped me get to where I needed to be.

There is a helpful section on how to use the Figures, but I also found good info in the Tips and Tricks portion of the Placement Guide.
You can access all the Figures a couple of different ways. CD1 contains PDF downloads of figures in either a smaller-size great for notebooking or a larger-size great for wall timelines. You can print them with text or without. CD2 contains “gifs” of each figure. I did download a few historical figures I was searching for and simply inserted them into a blank document. The PDFs on CD1 have multiple (different) figures on each page. 

Mostly, I used CD1 and printed off a few pages of the historical era I was looking for.

I simply printed the figures on plain paper. Now here is where momma had to be hands off. If this were MY project, I would be coloring each figure with colored pencils and using colored cardstock to make neat borders (just like the Placement Guide recommends). I might even doodle. I like to doodle. 

However, my no-nonsense “gitt ur done” fella was more interested in…getting it done.

I also chose to print off the Figures with text included. Josiah is dyslexic and has dysgraphia and I wanted to be sure the project was enjoyable.

One terrific aspect of using the Timeline Trio is that I can take advantage of not only enhancing the history we are studying, but also include authors, artists and composers that travel through our studies. For example, this summer Josiah is reading C.S. Lewis. I found the C.S. Lewis figure and Josiah placed it in his notebook.

We also took advantage of current news stories. When we saw the reports speculating that Amelia Earhart had actually died in Japanese custody in 1937, we found the Amelia Earhart figure and placed her in the Timeline Notebook. I believe the story has been debunked, but it was fun reading up on Amelia Earhart and adding her to Josiah’s growing timeline.

I’m just excited to have all of these wonderful images of my disposal. They are so professionally and beautifully done. There are none to match them. I can think of at least a dozen projects right now that I can use them for.

And just a note on the Placement Guide. I found it to be invaluable. We are encouraged to use and place the timeline figures in any manner we choose, but I felt Josiah needed a guide. It was a terrific resource for him (and me). The index in the back made it easy peasy to use.

My Thoughts

I can’t even believe I have this treasure in my homeschool stash. I have always been a big fan of using a timeline in a variety of capacities. I think it helps just place any story or event in the correct frame. 

The Timeline Trio makes is so much easier for me to achieve what I want to do. It is also beautiful. And I like beautiful. This is one of those products that I am going to use as often as I can. The Record of Time notebook is keepsake quality. Josiah has enjoyed just "wandering" through it. 

Just a thought. Don't wait for history class to use the timeline. For example, using it as we come across news articles and casual conversation concerning historical figures is truly effective.

You WILL need a trusty printer and computer to use this product. We also used stick glue and scissors. I am considering commandeering a portion of the Timeline for my own use. I feel the need for colored pencils, scrapbook paper and sparkly doodles. But, of course, all that is optional. 

I believe this is the 2nd Home School in the Woods product the Crew has reviewed this year alone. In fact, many others reviewed other great products during this review, as well. You can find the new Make-a-State Activity, the Time Traveler American, and the Lap-Paks reviews all by clicking the banner below.

While looking through the Home School in the Woods online catalog I was amazed. I have used so many of their excellent products.  I have either reviewed or purchased ALL of the Lap-Paks that are available from Home School in the Woods. I can tell you that they are well worth it. They bring history alive in a ways that can’t be duplicated through a dry textbook. I also have most of the Time Traveler products and I’m thinking I need to add to my collection. They are simply marvelous. I NEED the World War II set. 

And I can't even tell you how much we enjoyed the Old Testament Activity-Pak. 

Can you tell I love this company? I'm gushing. 

Home School in the Woods has started something brand new. They now offer A-La-Carte projects. This way you can purchase a project you have had your eye on without purchasing the whole entire unit. And here is something FREE. Use the code alacarte when you checkout to get the Erie Canal project on that page for free. 

This is commemorate the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the canal. I am planning purchasing the Name that State! game offered. After our recent bus trip, I think Josiah needs a refresher. In fact, I might lug it on the bus with me the next time we ride (if we ride). Some of those folks need a little geography help. 

Check it out! 

You can connect with Home School in the Woods via the following social media outlets. As always, don't forget to click on the banner below to read more reviews. 

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