Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cousin Camp Finale (finally)

My dear friends.

I had hoped to have this post a long time ago. But such is life.

This is shaping up to be one of those BUSY weeks. I'm trying to catch up on some writing. I need to be doing some heavy duty planning for Josiah's 10th grade homeschool year. And then there is the NEVER ENDING LAUNDRY.

Why do these people insist on wearing clothing? If they were like me and could hang in a pair of yoga pants and my little brother's Arkansas Razorbacks t-shirt (yes, Ryan...I am the one who stole that thing) all week long life would be much simpler.

Friday will be The Muffin and Josiah's weekly jaunt about town. I usually take time to "waller" in delight about the quiet house. I NEED to be writing. I have this deadline, you see.

Back to planning Josiah's year...next week will be another Homeschool Review Crew Blog Hop. I am having fun getting this one around. Stay tuned for more information.

Anyhoo. On to the next item of business.

Finishing up these Cousin Camp blog posts.

As always, I am going to post some pictures and provide you with pithy commentary.

You're welcome.

One of the traditional Cousin Camp activities is always designing t-shirts. Except the one year, the pirate year, that I made them up ahead of time...But that wasn't this year!

Instead, Cousin #1- Kalynn, drew out a few fish designs and a couple of sharks. The Cousins chose which one they wanted to use, traced the design and painted their t-shirts.

I'm about to lay some Tropical Island Magic on you.

See what I mean? Cade's momma was surprised we actually got him in this get up. See my child (on the right)? I'm surprised we actually got him OUT of this get up. Yup. He's wearing a grass skirt. And he did wear his tropical shirt to church this past Sunday morning. His daddy told him he couldn't wear the grass skirt.

Miss Brynn is always ready to rock her Cousin Camp duds. She even cinched hers in with a hair tie. Remember knotting up the side of your shirt to make it fit better? Those were the days.

Maddy Paige rocking the leggings. She is our sparkle girl in denial. She joined the JROTC and has designed that Camo is our jam. This is the girl who used to live for sparkle and bright colors. She is still sparkly.

Alex showing off her cute shirt. And self. She's a hoot.

The woman herself, Kalynn...She is quite the artist.

The whole group. They are a mess.

See what I mean? I think Kalynn is wearing 2 grass skirts. And yes, her twin brother Chris (age 20) also decided it wear one. It matched his hat.

Speaking of Chris...I can't find his individual pic. I'll keep looking. You'll just have to make do with the full length image of him in his grass skirt.

Can't forget this little cutie. Payge. She is something else. And fully accepting of her sparkle.

Now I am going to share with you some pictures from our Annual Cousin Camp Photo Shoot (courtesy of Ama).  I am only going to share family groups. I have a pile on the dining room table that needs to be addressed. Time is short, people!

These are the Wilson kiddos.

Little Bro and his wife, Stephannie made some pretty kiddos. Seated is Christopher (age 20). From left to right is Alexandra (age 14), Kalynn (age 20) and Madalyn (age 13).

Equally stunning and quirky are the Ruple kids. These people belong to my Baby Sister and her husband Greg. Seated is Payge (age 8). On the left is Brynn (age 12) and then Cade (age 15). The cat in the picture is Garfield...who belongs to Chritopher. He was our "prop."

And, of course, here in my guy. Josiah (age 15). He insisted on this wardrobe choice. I had picked out his Easter clothes to bring. He wanted this outfit. I had actually made that boutonniere for a wedding. He has worn it with this vest ever since. Isn't he a cutie?

Okay. So that's it my friends. I can now move on in peace. And move on to that pile on the dining room table...which, hopefully, doesn't include the cat!

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