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English on a Roll (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

We love a good manipulative. They have been really helpful in many areas of our homeschool. But this is thing. Mostly we’ve used them for math. When we had a chance to review English Grammar Teaching Method from English on a Roll, I was curious. I saw that manipulatives play a big “roll” in the program? What would that look like when it comes to grammar instruction?

English on a Roll

The program is designed for EVERYBODY ages 5 and up. If you have a beginning reader or a struggling reader…or ESL student…this is for you!

We received a set of 1” cubes etched with color-coded words. We also received a book consists of 37 lessons.

The cubes are etched in colors indicating the parts of speech. Verbs are red, nouns are blue, adverbs are orange and so on. They come in a convenient case that is easy to store or cart around with you. 

There are also blank cubes to make your own words. And there is a cube with punctuation symbols…which if know you my son you know that THIS came in really handy. He is allergic to a period.

For your info:

Pronoun Words - Blue
Question Words - Green
Noun Words -  Dark Blue
Preposition Words  -  Dark Blue
Article Words  -  Dark Blue
Adjective Words - Purple
Verb Words -  Red
Adverb Words -  Orange
Punctuation Symbols -  Black
Conjunction Words -  Black

The book (an Instruction Manual) is 142 pages of tips and tricks and the lessons. The lessons are simply laid out and don’t require a lot of prep.

Not only are there notes and tips included, but there are vocabulary words and games to practice the concepts. For additional practice, there are reproducible pages for written activities.

For those of us who have kiddos with learning struggles, this Multisensory Structured Language (MSL) program is right on target. The lessons are systematic and build upon each other. I found that if your student struggled with one concept, you can review and review and review. And it doesn’t require pain, agony and tears!

Take for example the Lesson titled “Regular, Irregular and Noncount Nouns (Lesson 8). For this lesson I had to take out particular cubes. For the game, the student rolls a cube one at a time and says the word that comes up aloud. He or she then has to identify whether it is singular or plural. Then he has to make a sentence using each cube. Fun stuff.

If you have more than one kiddo (up to six) this set of cubes is all you need. They work great in a group.

Josiah is 15, but he is also dyslexic. He is doing FANTASTIC, but one of our secrets is that we constantly review. He also has responded really well to hands-on activities. One thing that has been more of a struggle is that he has difficulty creating sentences with any imagination on paper. Verbally, he is a rock star. A program like this enables him to excel on paper. I am hoping that this will begin to translate in other subjects!

This one works!  You can have a BIG sample sent to you here.  You can also watch a video demonstration here.

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