Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Winter Homeschool Stuff

Winter has been BRUTAL on me this year, my friends.

I don’t like to make it a habit of rushing through the days of my life, but I’m telling ya. I could do with a bit of spring right about now.

I’ve been trying to relish the cozy winter evenings spent wrapped up the quilt my great-grandma made. My reading list is hefty and my supply of tea bags is pretty impressive.

Sounds idyllic, right?

It would be so much better if it weren't for the cold.

Nevertheless, I am embracing this season of life (literally) and I've made list this week of  "must dos" for our homeschool. 

1. We are currently reading The Long Winter. Actually, we are listening to The Long Winter. I downloaded it from Audible. I figured everything looks better compared to a seven month blizzard!

2. I found this documentary from the BBC about Yellowstone in Winter. Actually, all the seasons are available. I saw this one and immediately thought..."ooo, Josiah would like this one." Though he and The Muffin are unusually fond of sharks.

3. I purchased a copy of Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening (Robert Frost) that was illustrated by Susan Jeffers. It isn't actually here yet. I ordered it on Amazon from a third party seller. It's one of my favorite poems and I was inspired. Now that I think about it...it's quite possible I already have it somewhere. You know how that is.

4. Speaking of  the Snowy Woods, I found this art project to do. It uses paper and tempera paint (of which I have massive amounts of).  We are going to try and do this on Thursday. I figure it will give me a few days to get my table cleaned off. 😁

5. We are making Chicken Pot Pie! Here's the thing. Sometimes you have to be intentional about teaching your young men to do things like cook. I asked Josiah what he would like to learn to cook next and he told me "chicken pot pie with the biscuits." It's an old family standard. He hasn't tackled a roux yet...I'll try and take pictures and report back. It will be interesting.

I'm sure I'll add to the list as we go on. Do you have any fun winter plans?

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