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Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

I don’t know where you were when you first had “The Talk.” I was at the kitchen table. My mom was doing the dishes. She “matter-a-factly” gave me the lowdown on all things birds and bees. She is a medical professional and didn’t shy away from proper terminology.

I was mortified.

However, I have always said that her willingness to talk with me ABOUT ANYTHING made that part of my adolescence so much simpler. Of course, I have my one and only boy. When I felt like it was time, I explained things to him in much of the same manner.  He made a bit of a face and said, “Ew.” Then he proceeded to ask me if we could get pizza for supper.

Regardless of where or how you choose to talk to your kids about sex…it must be done. It’s uncomfortable and unpleasant and I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t rather do. Thankfully, I have been reviewing Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality from Great Waters Press. What a wonderful resource.

Love, Honor, and Virtue was written by Hal and Melanie Young. They are homeschooling parents of six (yikes) boys and two girls. They are also pretty popular on the homeschool convention circuit. I’ve seen them several times, myself, and I’m always thrilled with the practical and honest advice they give.

The book is not a really big one. It has about 95 pages and I read through it in a short time. Since Josiah is visiting my parents at their farm this month, I decided to take the time to read it before I put it in his “read this” pile. He is dyslexic and I usually check for readability. I’m glad I read it first. Some of the topics are fairly frank.

I’m not mad about it. My 16-year-old son needs frankness. I also don’t want someone else telling him their version of what they think “true love” is.

In the chapter, “Sex was God’s Idea,” there is pretty frank talk about the biology behind our sexuality. I think it was done tastefully, but of course, it is what it is.

Now if you don’t ascribe to the notion that sex is for a married couple to enjoy you won’t agree with much of the premise of the book. However, this is what we believe in our house and I am thrilled to have some help to tackle the subject.

I even read some of it to my husband and he was impressed with the whole thing. As a pastor, he counsels men of all ages who deal with many of the issues in the book. The book is not a “club over the head” or filled with condemnation. Instead, it is filled with some really practical ideas. There is even a chapter of encouragement and advice if someone has given into his struggles.

It’s called Recovering From a Fall. Some of the suggestions include to make a plan and find an accountability partner. Young men are also called to be restored.

Another chapter in the book involves pornography. The Youngs point out, most effectively, that pornography is not a victimless crime. I personally believe we are facing a crisis of virtue in this country and pornography is to blame for many ruined lives.

I can’t recommend this book enough. Not only will we be using it in our home, but we will recommend it to folks in our church and in our community.

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In fact, I will be reviewing that one too! 

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