Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Mid-Week Update

Hello, sweet friends.

It's Tuesday evening here at the Parsonage. I'm wedged into my favorite spot on my comfy couch waiting for a pot of chili to finish the business of simmering. Today was an uneventful day....filled with our usual Tuesday happenings. We did have a visit from a sweet church lady. I think she had just gotten her hair done and was getting rid of some cabin fever while we have a few days before some more snow.

Yes! We have snow. It is the first significant snowfall of the winter. And from what these native Indianan's tell me (including The Studly Muffin) it's late. We have another weather event happening this weekend.

Yeah, buddy.

I thought perhaps I tell you a few things we are doing right now...perhaps provide someone out there with some mid-week/snow day inspiration.

Keep in mind that MOST homeschoolers would rather take their snow days in the spring. In our house, we have been known to mix it up with an impromptu winter nature study or a Tolkien binge-a-thon (which is happening very soon).

Anyhoo. It's how we roll.


We are reading Beowulf. I've taken the easy road and purchased Robert Nye's retelling of the epic poem.  It is nice and grisly. Listen to this.

"Out in the black fen something stirred. It was cruel and slimy and its eyes shone green. A part of the night it moved through, its wicked heart was darker than the darkest place in that night. Even the moon would not look at it."

Isn't that deliciously horrifying? We are going to watch The 13th Warrior later in the week and another movie adaptation next week. 


One of the best Audible purchases I've made in a while has been unexpected. On a whim I got Medical School For Everyone: Emergency Medicine from The Great Courses. If you aren't familiar with The Great Courses they feature university-lectures on many, many subjects. This one has been a huge hit with Josiah. It comes with a PDF that features all of the lectures in written form. I have been printing them out as we go and filling a notebook. Josiah simply reads along.

It's almost like watching Grey's Anatomy without all the icky relationship stuff.


Last year, I purchased a book called The Useful Book. It basically is a whole book of life skills everybody needs to know about. It is AWESOME! And the very first lesson? How to boil water. I kid you not. Josiah learned how to deep fry french fries last week using a lesson from the book. And that my friends is a dangerous thing. I'm not talking about the dangers of hot, boiling oil. I'm talking about plates of deep-fried french fries. I think this week we will focus on how to chop vegetables for salads. We need to counteract all of that french fried goodness with some green stuff.

Well, that's all I have for this evening. Sleep tight!

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