Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day...It was a good one

My friends!

It's Mother's Day. Or at least the end of Mother's Day. I had a big, full weekend and was blessed today with my guys taking me out to eat and a very long nap.

It's the little things, my friends.

I did a whole bunch of crafting and creating for our Mother's Day events at church. I have to say that sometimes I do it well. Then again, there are those projects that go so well....but, I'm not about to tell on myself.

But here's the thing. I didn't get one single picture of our All Daughters Salad Luncheon yesterday. 

I can't win them all.

This morning I spoke in our Mother's Day service. I always feel sorry for all of those folks who come to church with their mommas and have to listen to me.

I am not a preacher...I can tell a story...but that's about it.

Thankfully, our folks are sweeties and listened and laughed at the appropriate times.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. There were many Mother's Days that were tough. I wasn't a mother but wanted desperately to be one. Now I'm the momma of this guy.  I am blessed.

My heart hurts for all those out there who are struggling and hurting. But I also understand that I can rejoice in my own miracle.

Now that Mother's Day is over I can concentrate on a few other things. Namely my housework.

Guuurrll! I won't even tell you how bad it is. I also in the middle of a big history curriculum writing project that needs my attention.

Shew! I needed that nap.

Happy Mother's Day, my friends.

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