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Exploring Creation with General Science (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

My very first review for the Homeschool Review Crew (which had to be back somewhere in the Middle Ages) was for Apologia. My only taste of Apologia had been drooling over the beautiful books at a Homeschool Convention. It felt like I had one some sort of Homeschooler’s dream lottery…not that I play the lottery…but you get the point.  Because I am a faithful and loyal creature, we have used Apologia science curriculum ever since.  So I must tell you that what I recently had the chance to review/look over filled my heart with song. Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition. It’s really good stuff, my friends.

If you aren’t familiar with Apologia, you must go over to their website and quickly introduce yourself. They are an award-winning company…mainly for their excellent science curriculum. Of which, I have quite a collection of. 

My newest acquisition and the one I want to feature today is, of course, Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition. It is designed to be the very first course taken during Middle School. It is intended to be used for around 7th grade. This edition has been rewritten to help students transition from the teacher-led elementary science to more independent work.

I received:
Student Notebook
Solutions and Test Manual
Set of Test Pages (included with manual)

This curriculum includes the following models:
1. The History of Science--Search for the Truth
2. Scientific Inquiry and the Scientific Method
3. Documenting and Interpreting Experimental Results
4. Scientific Analysis and History
5. Earth Science--Astronomy
6. Earth Science--Geology and Paleontology
7. Earth Science--Meteorology and Oceanography
8. General Chemistry
9. General Physics
10. Life Science
11. General Biology
12. Marine Science
13. Environmental Science
14. Science and Creation

There are at least a few lab experiments included with each module with a variety of supplies needed.  The lessons are also intended to be done four days a week. If you are familiar with any of the other Apologia Sciences you know that the Elementary School curriculum is set up for only a few days a week and the High School curriculum features 5 days a week. So this curriculum sits nicely in the middle.

The textbook is GORGEOUS.  It reads conversationally and has beautiful photographs, graphs, charts and plenty of good, meaty discussions and information for students to enjoy.

The Student Notebook is also really nice. I noticed immediately that it is heftier than its Elementary counterparts. It also is set up in a way that guides the student to check off their own progress. It features journal and question prompts, vocabulary lists, lab charts and places to record notes. I believe this Student Notebook is really essential to get the most out of the curriculum.

The tests are typically a little bit of everything, multiple-choice, short answer, etc. You, of course, will love the solutions.  Solutions make the homeschool parents' life much easier. 

As always, there are book extras located on Apologia’s website to help your student further explore each module. You only need an account and the password located inside the book. I was also really excited to see that this course has not only an audiobook feature (which we use) but has a thumb drive available with video instruction. That alone could be a game-changer for many families. I was thrilled to see that addition.

I do need to tell you before I send you on your way that I plan on using this curriculum this next school year for my High Schooler. He is actually taking a class at our co-op that is using the High School version of Apologia’s General Science. He is dyslexic and has struggled some with independent work. I think this will be an excellent product to use on his own. I love how Apologia has created such versatile products!

You can connect with Apologia via the following social media outlets. Don’t forget to click on the banner below to read more reviews.


Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition. {Apologia Reviews}
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