Monday, April 6, 2020

Day 963 (30 Day Blog Challenge)

It's Day 963 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge. I should have been finished a couple of weeks ago, but I got way off topic and way behind.

It happens.

And truthfully, I think I should be allowed a little grace. It is my blog. And it is the first time I've ever blogged during a pandemic.

I actually had a post about a thrift store haul scheduled.

Let's face it. I haven't been to a thrift store in a month.

I really, really miss the Goodwill, ya'll.


Currently, I am in the middle of printing something for Josiah to do for his schoolwork. I also made an impulse purchase of a creative writing notebook for him to go through. I plan on doing it with him. Though, frankly, my "to do" list is growing by the hour.

In about 33 minutes, I plan on walking out my backdoor and heading to the left...right around the block and back again.

I have no excuses. It is a bright sunshine day. The extra 524 pounds I have gained since moving to Indiana (you do realize I'm exaggerating) isn't coming off by wishing it away. I don't have any pressing appointments. Just a road, a busted up side-walk, and my tennis shoes.

I really struggled this weekend.

I'm sure many of you did, too.

I am generally an optimistic person. My optimism has kept me alive and kicking through many a dark day. But I also have to watch myself. Watch out that I don't sink into a gopher hole of too much news, and too many opinions.

It's hard to know. It's hard to understand. Unless you live under a rock or in a cave, this has affected you in some way.

More than myself...I worry about everyone else. Are my people taking care of themselves? Do they need someone to run and get something for them?

What is easy to do is to wrap myself up on the comfy couch and hunker down with a good book. But then my home suffers and I begin to smell like 2-week old hot dogs. It's all I can do to not eat my feelings. Last night I found a box of stale raisins.

What I should have had was a hot cup of tea and a good attitude.

Just being honest.

So I've made myself do all the things.

Wash the clothes. Mop the kitchen floor. Twice.  A pot of beans is in the crockpot and there is only a dirty coffee cup and spoon sitting in the sink.

Later on, after I've taken care of the people that live with me, I'll find time to dive into that murder mystery I have waiting for me beside the comfy couch.

I have plans this week to draw on my eyebrows and put on some lipgloss. It might even happen tomorrow.

Be safe, my friends.

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