Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Bible Ladies Brunch Bunch - Identity - Learning to Live a Beautiful Life Series

 Welcome to another Bible Ladies Brunch Bunch post. 

Today we are going to talk about Identity. 

I haven't always been so immune to "unconstructive" criticism. And, trust me, I've had plenty of people feel like they could speak vileness into my life. 

Those people were undoubtedly hurting and confused about their own identities. We can't love others if we don't love ourselves first. 

The Identity we are speaking about today must not be confused with the humanistic notion of self-esteem. It cannot be tied up in exterior or physical characteristics. It can't be something I muster up every morning because I tell myself that I'm superwoman and capable of anything I put my mind to. It can't be wound up in another's opinion of my appearance, social graces, intelligence, general personality or tacky statement earrings. 

My (and our) Identity must come from Someone eternal. Someone who is never-changing. Someone who cannot lie. Someone whose own prejudices and failings won't cloud His picture of me. 

I hope I conveyed these thoughts in the video below. I hope that you take this video to heart. As a society, we MUST not be a part of small-humanistic thinking. 

God says I am LOVED.

God says that I am CHOSEN. That I am ACCEPTED. That I am VALUABLE. 

I am made in HIS image. 

And so are you. 

If you haven't already take some time and watch the other videos in our "Learning to Live a Beautiful Life" series. 

I hope you are blessed today. 

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