Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Top Ten Favorite Products to Review (TOS Crew) - 2013

As a member of the 2013 TOS Review Crew, I’ve gotten to review some pretty snazzy products and curriculum.

Recently, members of The Crew got to vote on our favorite products in all manner of categories for The Blue Ribbon Awards

This was sooo hard. I’ve reviewed quite a few this year. It was difficult trying to narrow down my favorites. Almost as hard as deciding where to go to dinner with The Muffin on a Friday night. Sushi? Burgers? Sushi?

Curious about my choices? I thought I would give my own personal Top Ten.

Here they are..In no particular order. I’ve linked back to my original review so you can check it out for yourself.

1.       Reading Kingdom – This is one we still use daily. I think it has helped Josiah tremendously. It involves little of my time and encourages independent learning.  
2.       Almanzo Wilder: Life Before Laura (DVD)– You have to understand my deep and lasting love for all things Laura. She has been my friend since childhood. Oddly enough, Farmer Boy is one of my favorites. I loved everything about this video.
3.       Picaboo Yearbooks – I love making photobooks. The fact that I got to make a yearbook for Josiah and then write about it on my blog was fantastic!
4.       Institute For Excellence In Writing – If Andrew Pudewa (founder of IEW) had a fan club, I would be the secretary. This is one of the best writing programs out there. And it is one I can use for years to come.
5.       Christianity Cove – I chose this one because I have been able to use it a number of times in my ‘other job’ as children’s minister.
6.       See the Light  - This art curriculum was so much fun. I had as much fun as Josiah working through it.
7.       Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Josiah loves this curriculum. I love this curriculum. I (heart) Apologia. That is all.
8.       Notgrass Company (America the Beautiful) – This history curriculum is superbly done. I love history and it has been a blessing to use it 

Just a warning. The next 2 are books. It was very, very, very hard for me to choose which books to include in my Top 10. I wasn’t able to do this when I voted for the Blue Ribbon Awards, but because this is blog I am going to play my way.

9.       Favorite grown up reads. At Home in Dogwood Mudhole and Seed Sowers.
As I said, this was hard because we loved so many of them. I need to give an honorable mention shout out to Rosie’s Doll Clothes Patterns because Rosie gave me some great tools and tips I am using in my sewing as we speak and to Joyce Herzog’s Scaredy Cat Reading System Express. I am currently teaching with it in our little Co-op. 

I know. Technically, this is more than 10. I just couldn’t help it. There are just too many good ones not to mention! 

Wonder if any of my picks got an award? You check out all of the winners at the Crew Blog.


  1. You'll have to fight me for the Secretary postion of the IEW fan club ; ) Great re-cap!


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