Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Treats!

So it's Easter. The time of the year that has the most significance in a Christian's life. At least it does in mine. I have in my bag of tricks certain Easter projects I like to pull out year after year. Here are a few links that might give you inspiration to add a little meaning to your Easter Celebration.(be sure to click on the pinkish/reddish link and not the picture. I didn't set them up right)

  The  Jelly Bean Prayer Box  is a perfect craft for a Sunday School Class. You can also print off the poem and just attach it to  little bags of Jelly Beans. This would be a great little treat to give to the special kiddos in your life (or slightly older fluffy friends). Provided you don't eat all the Jelly Beans first. That is a hazard of giving out edible treats.

Resurrection Rolls are an old standby I have used for years. Not only do they teach a story, but they are a great Easter Morning treat as well. They basically just call for those Pillsbury Crescent rolls, marshmallows and either brown sugar or cinnamon sugar. And an oven. So plan wisely before carting all your ingredients off to Sunday School This particular recipe is found at All Recipes.
 I have used purchased sets of Resurrection Eggs over the  years (and in fact still have one or two sets in the homeschool cabinet. Minus a part or two. The communion cup (from the Last Supper) keeps disappearing. Josiah likes to use it has the Holy Grail while playing "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." Here is a craft you can do at home. I plan on making them with our group of kids during Children's Church this Easter Sunday. Here is the link for Resurrection Eggs.
 This treat doesn't have any Religious significance.But it is pretty cute. Do you have any extra ice cream cones in the pantry? I have been known to stick some Easter grass and a Marshmallow Peep in the cone as well.  Easter Basket Ice Cream Cones
Somewhere in a box in the abyss that is our Storage Unit, I have some of the cutest lettuce leaf plates. I am trying really hard to be bitter. They have missed quite a few Easters. But I digress. I love setting a pretty table for special days. And what is more special than Easter Dinner. I think you will agree that a beautiful table makes even the driest ham seem juicer. One of my favorite little Table Scape Sites "Between Naps on the Porch" has some beautiful ideas for every occasion. You can find this table here. Easter Tablescape

Here is another Easter Tablescape at Between Naps. I think I have just the bunny rabbit that will make our Easter Table something special. That is if he isn't being used as some sort of Villainous Mastermind plotting to overtake the Universe. You never know at my house. I found the tiny eggs off of the miniature Easter Tree being used as precious artifacts that Indiana Jones had unearthed. Sigh.
Have a Lovely Easter!

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