Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Apologies

I am so ashamed. My cousin just informed me (via FB) that she couldn't become a follower on my blog. So I did a little investigation and realized that I had disabled the "follow" feature on my blog. I just now remember doing that. Undoubtedly I had a good excuse. So after my 'let me make you feel extremely guilty" tirade yesterday about having no followers I accept full responsibility.

In other news...It is chilly in the Ozarks this morning. That is one of the hazards of living in Southwest Missouri. One never knows what season you might wake up in during certain parts of the year. In January we had a tornado one weekend and the next a full force Blizzard. And I don't mean the kind they sell at Dairy Queen. Well, I must go and do other things. Josiah just came in and asked me how to bake a potato. I guess he's hungry. I was kind of hoping he'd forget about breakfast ;<)

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