Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Two Cents (more random thoughts)

Okay. I realize that I haven’t been a faithful blogger. And while all 2 of you who actually read this post (Hi, Mom!) will be glad to see me back …I do have a good excuse. It’s called …wait for it…Life! Life is kicking my hiney.  Between illness, homeschool, housework, new challenges and just plain “can’tputagoodbookdownitis, “ these past few months have been a bit overwhelming.  Trust me, I’ve had plenty to say. It’s just been floating somewhere around in my brain. Which could be a good thing. Not everything I have  to say is particularly edifying.  So here they are. Ready or not.  A few random thoughts. (hey! I rhymed!)

1.     1.   Back in March we started a new adventure. We are now assisting my Mom and Dad at their church in Diamond, Missouri. They had been asking us to come for quite some time. But the commute and just plain being comfortable where we were at kept us from committing. God has a strange way of working things out. Josiah and I are still going to our beloved King’s Chapel on Wednesday nights (and whenever they will let us hang out).  There is nothing like great friends. And we certainly have them. Anyhoo, our assignment will no doubt lead to some great things and some new challenges. It’s been harder getting “back in the saddle” than we thought it would be.
2.      2.  As we are now at Mom and Dad’s most of the weekend Josiah is able to wander about their farm with freedom. Every little boy’s dream. A big dog. A fishing pole. And no neighbors around to keep up at night with the endless Just Dance face offs (oh..sorry…this is not about me). He and Papa took an adventure walk in the woods on Saturday. Josiah was viciously attacked by a thorn and barely made it out alive. Well. At least that’s the version I got from our resident story teller.  Poor city kid. Somebody get us a back yard. Quick.
3.      3.  I hate spring. Maybe I should rephrase that…I love Spring, but I hate the allergies that come with it. Yesterday I was driving and it seemed like every business had some sort of lawn care truck in front of it. The lawn mowing and weed eating was completely out of control. I drove down Jefferson Street with one eye shut. My left eye swelled so much I almost lost a contact. As I type this I am squinting at the screen. My contacts are so irritated I am surprised that they haven’t just popped out in protest.
4.       4. Our nice apartment fix-it guys came into to change our air filters today. And to check the smoke alarms. Ooopsie. If I had known they needed in our bedroom I would have picked up a little. Instead it looked like a tornado had taken a nap in my room. I mumbled something about cleaning out closets and hoped he didn’t notice the stack of cereal bowls on the printer. Yep. I tried to tell myself that at least the rest of my house was clean, but the man will probably have nightmares about being chased by large stacks of laundry.
5.    5.    I had an opportunity for a writing job the other day. This was not a paying job, but a steady one in which people would actually read my stuff. And do you know why I couldn’t apply? Because I have not one follower on my blog. Not one. (and If you are a follower and my blog has not told me so I apologize) You had to have at least 25. Not even my own mother will admit she follows my blog. This is sad, my friends. I know I seldom post things of spiritual significance. I don’t have life changing recipes or all those free things real bloggers like to give away…but where else will you get an honest to goodness tirades and a variety of frivolous fluff.  So dear friends.  Stoke my slighted ego. Become a follower.
6.      6.  Yesterday, after Josiah had is class at the Y, we headed off to buy a pizza at a place which shall remain nameless (but it rhymes with Mapa Purphey’s). They were busy, because like me there were a lot of folks who just needed a ready to put in the oven pizza” on Monday night. Unfortunately, the young woman behind the counter was having trouble with her Customer Service skills as well as her “playing well with other” skills in general. She was nice enough to me, but snipped at the lady in front of me and spent the rest of the time snipping at a fellow co-worker. Hello! We can hear you out here! Do your snipping in the breakroom! A big pet peeve of mine are those who have chosen to work amongst the general public, but have trouble just being nice to anybody. As a former(we are talking decades ago now) counter worker for a large fast food burger joint (that rhymes with DaMonald’s) I can speak to the frustrations that a busy counter can bring. Just deal with it! Put on a smile. You can punch something later. Maybe she was having a bad day. But come on. A lot of us have bad days. Just play nice with others. And that is my two cents.
7.      7.   I have suffered a major catastrophe. My laptop has been infected by a nasty bug. I am currently pounding away on The Studly Muffin’s much inferior computer. He only uses it to keep up with his fantasy Nascar team, golf scores and buddies on Facebook. I am really insulted. I also just found out that it is going to cost more money than we have right now to let the boys at Best Buy debug it. It’s always something. Woe.


  1. I became a follower and I got you a present from the women's teen challenge thrift store in Wynnfield, Louisianna. You will like it!

  2. Thanks, Annette! Did you have a good trip? I'm excited to see my present :<) and you, too! We still need to have lunch.


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