Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cousin Camp - Day 5 - Picture Perfect

It's a Thursday night here at Casa Teague. My baby boy is at VBS (thanks, Patti & Tabitha), Troy's at work and I am on the couch. I think we actually had a cold spell today here in the Ozarks. It was only in the 90's. Nevertheless, I have had a killer sinus headache all day. Curse vile and unrelenting snot up me  noggin.

I have a little bit of an embarrassing story to tell. This morning I found myself quietly and discreetly "digging for gold" with a tissue (I was picking my nose for those of you who need it spelled out) in the privacy of my bedroom. Of course, Josiah came bursting into the room and discovered me in the act. He was so fascinated he asked if he could help. Then actually reached for my nose with one finger! He was as serious as bread pudding. That boy.

So ends my posting of our Cousin Camp Adventure. Finally. The last full day of Cousin Camp had arrived. One full day of fun until we zipped up the tent (we did have one in the sunroom...I just didn't get any pictures), rolled up our weaving and ate our last Cousin Camp biscuit...that was a big batch of biscuits.

We set aside most of Friday to devote to a photo shoot with Mom (aka Ama). She tries to do a photo shoot with all the grandchildren at least once a year. This year's photo shoot was pretty stinkin' hot...and no I am not talking about any kind of awesomeness (though there was that, too).  It was just the sweat running down into the eyeballs hot!

I am going to share with you some of my favorites. These are all unedited. I promise to show this pictures with as little commentary as I can. It's going to be hard. But they pretty much speak for themselves.

The first photo shoot site was the old barn.

Christopher and Solomon (the Big Black Dog). Solomon wasn't meant to be in the picture. He invited himself. Solomon was pretty excited that day. He later had to be banished to the basement because he was much too helpful with the process. When we did let him out later he chased the Mail Truck down the road.

Sisters. Sisters. There were never such devoted Sisters. (my summer shout-out to "White Christmas)

Maddie and Alex aren't twins. Their older brother and sister are. But they always get confused as twins...which I think is so funny...they aren't alike at all. But they are very, very close.

Sorry. Less chatting. More looking.

We interrupt this Photo Shoot for a Heron By the Pond Biting. Yes, I repeat, A Heron By the Pond Siting.

Okay. Let's try this again. The above caption was my original wording...but not my intended wording. I meant to type out Heron By the Pond Sighting. But apparently, I had these Heron's biting and sitting. My blog spellcheck did not help me out here. There was no biting or siting going on at the pond that day.

Now back to business.

Second Photo Shoot Location. Sunny Spot Behind the Barn Beside A Fence. Got it?

Sorry. Just have to interrupt again. Alex reminds me of her big sister Kalynn.


Kalynn (taken last probably the same location)

 Could you not just melt over those eyes?

Third and final location. Under the Walnut Tree. Out by A Field. Against A Fence.

There are a few more sites Mom likes to go to. But frankly, after a few hours in the stinkin' heat nobody was feeling it.

Josiah has plans to take his Indiana Jones outfit (pieced together by himself) to the farm and have a private photo session with Ama. I will certainly share those pics when it happens.

Thank you and goodnight.

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