Thursday, August 4, 2011

Random Thoughts: Getting Down and Dirty

I've been a blogging fiend this week. It has nothing to do with creative energy. Or any kind of energy. I'm still in my Cousin Cousin Camp Recovery mode. Ask The Studly Muffin. Or look at my house. Whatever energy I have certainly isn't going in that direction. But here are a few random thoughts I just have to express.

1. My friends, Patti & Tabitha, picked Josiah up for VBS (Vacation Bible School) a few nights this week. I can't tell you what an unbelievable blessing that is. It's been dangerously hot for people with heart conditions and unairconditioned cars to be out. Plus, I really needed some quiet time. Don't get me wrong. I love being with my son. As a homeschool mom I have to be. But a few hours without the television, wii, and constant conversation does me good now and again. I could use with a week at a spa or some sort of locked down situation, but that's for another conversation.  Josiah has had a blast at VBS. He has come home telling me about the snacks and games and songs. And he made a new friend named Caleb. Pretty exciting stuff.

2. Have I mentioned the heat? I just thought I'd mentioned it again...just in case. We need some real rain. We've had a bit..more than some of our neighbors to the west have. Of course, there are benefits to drought-like conditions. If you are a 9-year-old boy. A little dirty anyone?

  3. There are also lots of bugs. Bugs everywhere. Last week at the farm you could hardly go outside without running into swarms of dragonflies, Japanese beetles and butterflies (yes, butterflies). Here is a strange looking fly.
I don't know what kind of fly that is. Because that's I don't know bugs. But I have a secret weapon. I have an uncle who is an entomologist. Uncle Gerald? You there? What is this bug?
Should we start worrying about boils popping out on our noses? How about pestilence? Looks like something from one of the 10 plagues of Egypt.

4. The Studly Muffin is taking a after-work bike ride tonight with his buddies from work. He gets off at 1:30am. Talk about dedication! I think they are all a bit crraazy. But who am I to comment on another's strange ways. I'm still proud of him. He works hard.

5. So I've changed the look of my blog again. Which means I'm getting itchy to do some home redecoration. There is this shaggy rug I want. But blog redecoration is in the budget (free). Home redecoration is not.

6. One last picture. Then you can all go back to bed. The canning season has begun. I'm excited...mostly because I don't have to can anything this year. I just get to enjoy the labors of others (my parents). Here are their first fruits of the season.

Pretty, huh! I did make some Apple Butter at Cousin Camp. But since it didn't involve a hot water bath or pickling it doesn't count.


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