Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bathing Beauties

Happy Tuesday! And a happy day it is. Despite having to run to the bank early this morning (see yesterday's post), I feel productive today. Of course, the day is not over and my to-do list is long, but so far so good.

Josiah has his school work done for the day and we even had a viewing of "Mr. Popper's Penguins." We are reading the novel by Richard and Florence Atwater. So we did a contrast and compare. I love homeschool.

Later this afternoon we have swim (we always have swim) and then I am playing delivery girl for Troy's work. They are ordering pizza for supper tonight. I wonder if there is a tip involved? I probably shouldn't count on it.

(Cue corny segway..which is spelled "segue" for all you picky educated people) What I can count on (see?) is being easily entertained. We get our money's worth out of our Y membership. In fact, I am considering asking for my own office there. Not that they need to pay me or anything (though that sounds like a pretty good idea).

We are always there. I'm glad Josiah has found his "sport."  It has given him confidence and a whole new set of friends. One of these days (when I am in possession of a camera that doesn't require duct tape/takes a decent picture/actually works) I will have to post some pictures of his "skills." 

I, myself, can't swim. I blame it all on my overactive imagination. It's not fear. It's something darker. When I was a young girl growing up in the hills of North Central Arkansas (it always comes back to the hills) we lived not too far from Greer's Ferry Lake. Other than the "criks" that ran through the hills and hollers, the lake was our swimming hole. My parents tried to teach me to swim. It was going well until someone told me that Clinton (the town) actually used to reside where the lake was and the government moved it. Ack! I couldn't get past a town being where I swam. What if I stepped on somebody? After that I could only bring myself to stay near the shore. Ironically, it has been the water that has been a lifesaver for my orthopedic issues. I recommend it to all of my friends with similar "issues."

But, enough about my Crazy stuff. Let's talk about somebody else's Crazy for a minute. Last night Josiah and I were waiting for our Water Aerobics Class to begin. Josiah was waiting it out in the hot tub...and with him in the Hot Tub was a Big & Buff guy who frequently comes and sits after his workout upstairs. And he always sings. R&B. A little gospel. The acoustics are fantastic in the Hot Tub. I've been tempted to belt out a little Patsy Cline from time to time, myself. "Craaay-Z. I'm Craay-Z for feelin' so lone-ly." But (and maybe because I'm not Buff in the slightest) I can't seem to work up the nerve.

Anyhoo. The look on Josiah's face while this guy was wailing in the Hot Tub was priceless. He was mortified. I didn't know if he was worried that the Hot Tub Singer was going to ask him to join in a chorus of "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag," or what. It's possible. Josiah hates singing in public.

I also was privy (privy because I was the only one watching) to a very hairy man who did alot of hacking and snorting while swimming laps. Loogies and Boogies and Snot. That's all I'm saying. People! Keep your sinus infections at home! And BTW.  That is just bad manners. It ranks right up there with peeing in the pool.

And then there are those who need to cover up. You know who you are. Ladies. This is a public pool. Small Children are present. The sun can't even touch your skin down there in the basement of the Downtown YMCA. Good Grief! Find a swim suit that relies less on dental floss and more on fabric. I am tired of telling my 10-year-old that in all reality you are not allowed to swim in your underwear.

Enough of my rant. Not that I would even say a word to them. I'm still contemplating singing in the Hot Tub. "I fall to pieces....each time I see you again." Now that would be offensive. Fluffy woman in a stretched out bathing suit singing in the Hot tub.

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