Monday, February 20, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - 2/20

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Ugh. Monday. I'm feeling it already. Some people have this President's Day off. It didn't happen at our house. And I got up bright and early to do my grocery shopping and my banking. Ooops.

Anyhoo. When I planned this week's menu I took a few things into account. First and foremost, Josiah and I have started a Family Water Aerobics class a few nights a week. Adding that class has completely changed our weekly routine. And there were a few nights last week I was lucky to get anything on the table. The Studly Muffin would have starved! (as if). 

I also had to consider the ole grocery budget. I did find some really good prices on meat, but most of the stuff I found takes a little more time and energy. So. I'm utilizing my crockpot this week and I'm doing some of my cooking during the day in between math, science, swim lessons and whatever else I can cram into my day. One thing about Homeschooling...Multi-tasking is a must!

So here is my menu for this week.

Monday: Turkey Tenderloin Sandwiches on Whole Wheat Kaiser Rolls and Salad. I got a terrific deal on marinated turkey tenderloins. I got a few so they will be making a return appearance over the next few weeks. Since our Water Aerobics class ends @ 6:30 and Troy comes home for a Supper Break @ 7 (during his 10 hour shift) I am cooking up the tenderloins this afternoon and whipping up a quick salad. That way if I get caught in the Hot Tub after class (it happens), Troy has supper ready for him.

Tuesday: Roasted Chicken with Baked Rice, Roasted Broccoli. Tuesdays are our "at least we are home some during the day" day. Whole chickens are a terrific way to go. I can usually get 3 meals out of them. I always brine my chickens. This is a link from Cook's Illustrated for the whole brining thing. It's magic.

Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie Soup. This is a lite recipe and a good way to use up some chicken stock I plan on making from my roasted chicken carcass. There is nothing like making your own chicken stock. I don't have time today to share my method, but I suggest you google "make homemade chicken stock." Alton Brown has a really good recipe.

Thursday: Crockpot Pot Roast with Potatoes & Carrots. I normally don't get to buy a Roast. They are usually not in my budget. But today I found one that was reasonable. And because this Thursday is a  "Are you kidding me?" kind of day, I needed something I could throw in the crockpot and let it sit all day.

Friday: Indian Fry Bread Tacos. This is a really big splurge for me. But I want to give my guys a treat. I have been actually making these for years. Fair warning: There is frying involved! This is our Family Night and it will make a fun supper.

Saturday: Who knows! Josiah has a Pinewood Derby race in the morning and that evening we will be driving to my Parents...I wonder if I can make my supper request right now...Ain't nothing like Momma's cookin'.

Sunday: Leftovers & Out to Eat. Simple.

I apologize for not having recipes for everything. I need to make my Turkey Tenderloins so I can head to the Y for class. The great/not-so-great things about schedules is that they often change. This is Josiah's last week of swim clinic, but will be starting Swim Lessons again on different days. How do you people with more than one child do it?

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