Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Pet?

I just had to share. This was Josiah's writing exercise  of the day. We are doing a unit study on Mr. Popper's Penguins. His writing assignment for the day was to talk about an animal that is not generally kept as a pet and why you would like that animal as pet. He's always wanted a Zebra. I had hoped our current apartment living lifestyle would have curbed that particular wish, but apparently not. I got a good laugh which I needed desperately :<)

My Pet Zebra

I love Zebras. They are cute. I have some toy Zebras, but I would like a real one for a pet. Zebras are black and white. Those are my favorite colors. I would ride my Zebra in my house. I would have to take it outside to use the bathroom. It would have to be somewhere they don’t mind poop on their lawn. Zebras eat oats and hay. We would buy hay from a store that sells it. Zebras are herbivores, so they wouldn’t like to eat hamburgers. I would have to keep the bathtub filled so he could drink water. I would like to kiss a Zebra. I know kissing a Zebra would be dumb, but I like kissing animals that are soft and don’t eat you up. I would name my Zebra Marty. Marty is the name of the zebra on Madagascar. I know my Dad won’t like the part about the poop and the kissing, but it’s the best I could do. It might be uncomfortable, but my Zebra could sleep with me in my bed. The End.

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