Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moving on Down the Mountain (A Weight Loss Post)

So (finally)  the scale moved. Down 4 pounds!

And I learned a few lessons through my almost 3 weeks of a weightloss plateau.

1. Don't give up..even when you don't see immediate results. The body is unpredictable.

2. Don't be afraid to add something to the mix. I added a few strength training exercises I found online that I can do from a chair. Yes there was pain involved. And no...I didn't think I would live to tell the tale. But here's the rub. Sometimes it's just gotta hurt.

3. I do have people in my corner. Beyond my immediate family (who think I am truly remarkable) there are folks that want to see me succeed. That's pretty great.

What do I want to do this week? Besides break out a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate? I thinking about joining a Fitness Challenge through a local hospital. It lasts a few months. My only worry is that I physically won't be able to do any of the prescribed fitness. And I hate being the center of that kind of attention. "Just ignore the cripple girl in the corner."  On the other hand, it might just be what I need to carry me through the busy fall months. Motivation. Motivation.

And because I have an especially large medical bill to this particular hospital I am hoping they might take a few dollars off. Wouldn't that be a great deal? So for every pound I loose they knock off 100? Sigh. A girl can dream.

I do have some advice for those of you who are wanting to drop a few (pounds) and need some inside scoopage.

You have to make yourself accountable for what you put in your mouth. You can't do fad things or quick fix things. They have to be things that you can incorporate into your whole life. I am following a basic low-glycemic plan. Not because it is proven more effective for the masses, but because I am diabetic, I have a metabolic disorder and thyroid issues. It is what works for me and it is something I can do forever. I don't do a typical low-Carb diet. I have oatmeal every day and beans. I occasionally have bread and eat brown rice a couple times a week.  I have cut out dairy for the time being. Why? Because I have a sensitivity to dairy. It bothers my stomach. I can eat it on occasion. And I do miss the cheese, but my tummy has been happy.

So do what works for you. Don't climb on every band wagon unless the wagon is somewhere you can hang out for a really long time.

Blessings, Rebekah

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